Working group to address OMB proposal

February 28, 2013

(Read more about the OMB reforms in the March 2013 ABS newsletter.)

The Research Administrators Meetings (RAM) group has set up a series of meeting to address the issue from a departmental perspective, as detailed below.

Dear Colleagues:

Thanks to all for responding and for your interest in working together to provide input.   Based on your input, I’ve set up the three working lunches on Thursdays from noon to 1:30 for March 14th, 21stand 28th in JILA room X325 which is located in our new x-wing.  Just come in the x-wing entry doors and either (take the elevator to the third floor) or (take a few steps up, go through the double doors and take the stairs up one level) to get to Room X325  The session details are below and all are welcome to join one or more than one of the sessions.       

You’re invited to bring your lunch (there are microwaves here if needed). We’ll also have some type of munchies/snack/dessert available and ice water of course. We do have soda machines, but they’re a little hard to locate from the x-wing, so it may be simpler to bring yours with you.

Hopefully I’ve grouped the sections into reasonably cohesive topics. If you’d like to lead/facilitate one of the sessions to keep things moving forward or if you’d like to record the input – please let me know. The link to the full document is below.

Session A.  Thursday, March 14, 2013.   JILA X-Wing Room X325

(about 30 pages)

  • Subchapter B – Pre-award Requirements
    • .205 Agency Review of Merit of Proposals/Risk Posed by Applicants (1 pg)
    • .207 Specific Conditions for Individual Recipients (1 pg)
  • .209 Pre-Award Costs (1 pg) Subchapter D – Inclusion of Terms and Conditions in Federal Award Notice
    • .404 Award Performance Goals (1 pg)
  • Subchapter H APPENDICES – Appendix 1 – Definitions. (18 pages)
  • Subchapter H APPENDICES – Appendix 2 – Full Text Notice of Funding Opportunity (8 pages)


Session B.  Thursday, March 21, 2013.   JILA X-Wing Room X325

(about 44 pages)

  • Subchapter E – Post-Federal Award Requirements
    • All sections (40 pages)
  • Subchapter H APPENDICES – Appendix III  Contract Provisions for Recipient and Subrecipient Contracts (4 pages)


Session C.  Thursday, March 28, 2013.   JILA X-Wing Room X325

(about 54 pages)

  • Subchapter F – Cost Principles
    • Subtitle II.  Basic Considerations (3 pages)
    • Subtitle V. Special Considerations for Institutions of Higher Education  (1 pg)
    • Subtitle VI. General Provisions for Selected Items of Cost (50 pgs)
  • We can schedule a follow up on this section of Cost Principles if needed!


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