The WWW NextGen Project: Modernizing CU-Boulder's Web Services

Screen shot of the CU-Boulder website

The WWW NextGen project was kicked off in the Spring of 2011 and is the modernization of the entire campus-wide web technology infrastructure, the CU-Boulder website, and the web development services offered to campus departments. 

Key points of the project are:

  • The new infrastructure has a continuum of web resources that significantly increase our infrastructure performance and functionality to handle our 30,000,000 web page views each month. 
  • The new website represents the first phase in a large-scale overhaul of the university’s website infrastructure, which will greatly enhance the quality, consistency and efficiency of CU-Boulder websites and web applications across the campus. The previous infrastructure dated back to 1998.
  • The next phases in the project involve custom, enterprise-class on-campus hosting for websites and applications and a "common good" website development environment that will enable the campus to build and maintain consistent, state-of-the-art CU-Boulder websites without specific expertise in web programming and development.
  • We will be implementing a campus-wide content management platform services using the Drupal open source platform. The university website is built in Drupal and we will be developing a suite of new web services for departments using the Drupal content management platform. 

Learn More about the New Website Features and Drupal

Full screen shot of new website

Learn More about the Web Technology Infrastructure

Image of full technology stack for infrastructure

This project is being done in partnership between University Communications and the Office of Information Technology Services and promises enhanced functionality and performances for web services to the campus.

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