Website Features


Built with modern web technology

The university website is built in Drupal, an open source content management platform system. Drupal is a fast, secure, scalable and open software that provides:

  • Open architecture: use as-is or add one of thousands of modules to customize your Drupal environment.
  • Open data: Drupal is very flexible and plays nice with other sites via RSS, RDF, and other standard data formats.
  • Open development: well-documented API allows you to take advantage of pre-defined configurations.
  • Open community: the best part of Drupal is it is maintained and enhanced by 630,000+ users and developers. There is a huge community of support and development around enhancing and growing Drupal. Go to the website to see for yourself.

We decided upon Drupal because it excels at:

  • Organizing and finding content
  • Social publishing
  • Development and deployment
  • Integrating dynamic media easily
  • Flexible design/display layers

Updated top navigation

Updated top-level navigation to incorporate outreach, sustainability, international content areas

Audience-based navigation for students, faculty/staff, parents, alumni 

New website navigation elements

Improved combined search functionality

Use one search box to search for either a CU website or CU staff, faculty, and students. The results will display on one page and provide you with suggestions for narrowing your search


Sample search page results

New campus scenic photo feature

This is probably the best feature of them all! We have incorporated a scenic background feature that will allow you to "move" the website content and display the photo background.

The background photo will rotate throughout the year to represent seasons and key campus events, such as commencement.

The photo feature links to a slideshow for additional photos.

Sample of photo background


New feature stories and content tagging system

Tagging system for organizing and distributing content based on key topics.

New feature stories updated on a regular basis showcasing our research & creative works, outreach, sustainability, academics, faculty, students, staff and campus.

Footer navigation

Persistent footer navigation with quick links to visitor information, department directory listings & websites, and online services major units, services, health & safety, and campus communications.

Persistent calls to actions for giving opportunities, admission applications, and emergency alert sign up.

Sample of persistent footer navigation


Social media integration

Social stream of posts from the CU-Boulder, Alumni, and Admissions social media channels.

Coming soon! A social media directory of campus departments social media channels.

Sample of social media integration

Features coming in 2012

Handheld mobile optimization of the website

We will be incorporating a responsive design approach on the university site. Responsive Web design is an approach where the design and development of a site respond to the user’s behavior and environment based on screen size, platform and orientation. As the user switches from their laptop to iPad to smartphone, the website automatically switches to accommodate for resolution, image size and scripting abilities. Here is a great article on responsive design on Smashing Magazine website.

New Campus Map

Our plan is to create a dynamic campus map using the google API. This will allow us to not only provide a layered map of campus and directions, but also use it to show a global view of our Research, Academics and Outreach endeavors.

Further enhancements to combined search functionality

Our initial roll out of combining website and people searches is just the first phase of enhancing our search capabilities. We will continue our efforts to streamline the search functionality to include advance searches for specific content.

Updated A to Z directory of campus departments

We will be revamping the current A to Z to integrate better with our new Drupal environment. This will give us more flexibility on how we collect, maintain, find and display our listing.

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