CU Health Plan quit resources: BREATHE with Quitline

Ready to quit smoking? You’re covered by BREATHE with Quitline. 

BREATHE with Quitline

 If you’re ready to quit smoking, your CU Health Plan will support you with BREATHE with Quitline, a free, personalized smoking-cessation program. 

BREATHE with Quitline blends professional coaching, nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) and medical advice to create a toolkit for anyone who commits to quit smoking. You and your covered dependents age 14 and older are eligible for our online or phone coaching sessions, while those 18 and older may take advantage of the NRT benefit. 

To enroll, call 1-855-313-0014, and identify yourself as a CU Health Plan member. 



  • You and your covered dependents (14 and older) never have to pay.
  • Note: Smoking-cessation medications prescribed by your doctor will be subject to applicable co-pays and/or deductibles of your CU Health Plan.

Personalized support

  • All participants get five free coaching sessions—via the Web or by phone—with a professional Quitline coach. Coaches work to uncover and understand the triggers behind your smoking, offer proven tips, acknowledge setbacks and progress, or simply listen when you need it most.

Effective quitting tools*

  • Commit to quit smoking and you’ll receive a free, eight-week supply of nicotine replacement therapy (lozenges, nicotine gum or patches). *Open to participants 18 and older only.

Medically supported resources

  • Get clinical guides and tips from the country’s leading respiratory experts.

BREATHE with Quitline is here when you’re ready to quit smoking.

Call 1-855-313-0014 or visit

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