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The volunteer program at the WRC is an essential component in fulfilling our purpose, and offers a mutually beneficial relationship. Volunteers allow the WRC to help create a campus environment where women will thrive by providing resources and collaborating on a variety of projects. The program also gives volunteers the opportunity to learn about and engage in gender equity and social justice work, as well as develop important leadership, networking, and professional skills.

To fill out or download an application for the 2014 fall semester, click here

For more information about volunteering, contact Karen Rojas at 303.492.5713 or wrcvolunteers@colorado.edu.



Why volunteer with the Women's Resource Center?
How does the volunteer program work?
How can I benefit from volunteering?
How can I get involved if I missed the volunteer training?
Who should I contact?
How do I apply?


Why volunteer with the Women's Resource Center?
The Women's Resource Center is an exciting place on campus that is helping to create a campus environment where women will thrive. You can be a part of this important work by volunteering at the WRC, where you will will have the opportunity to develop your own talents and work with people who are energetic, fun, and committed to making positive social change.

How does the volunteer program work?
WRC Volunteers are essential components in fulfilling the WRC's mission. Volunteering requires approximately 3 to 6 hours per week. All WRC volunteers are required to attend volunteer training, which is offered at the beginning of the fall semester. Responsibilities and duties of volunteers include: providing resources and referrals, answering questions and helping people find information in the WRC, helping promote the WRC on campus by staffing information tables, distributing flyers, buttons, handbooks etc., researching and gathering information on women’s resources, working on individual and group projects, assisting with work needed to keep the resource library organized and current, helping keep the WRC staffed and open during business hours, and helping with the day to day functions of the WRC.

How can I benefit from volunteering?
Gain professional development and networking skills. Find a sense of community on campus and work in a fun, women-centered environment. Volunteering gives you opportunities to transform your concerns into action, as well as connect theory to practice. The WRC is a dynamic learning community that you can engage in and learn more about gender equity and social justice. And of course there are the fabulous volunteer appreciation activities.

How can I get involved if I missed the volunteer training?
Volunteer training is offered at the beginning of the fall semester, but if you can’t attend the training there are still a lot of great ways to get involved!
- Visit the WRC for Rumor Has It and learn about important campus resources and services.
- Attend WRC Programs and events: check the events section on our website regularly for happenings.
- Get involved with a WRC Peer Group such as QWIC or Kitchen Table.
- Come by the center and check out the library, read a magazine, meet some new folks, and see what’s up!
Then, attend volunteer training the next time it is offered.

Who should I contact?
Get in touch with the Volunteer Coordinator by contacting Karen Rojas at wrcvolunteers@colorado.edu or at (303)492-5713.

How do I apply?
We accept applications during the fall. Please stop by our center (UMC 416) to pick up an application, download one here, or contact Karen Rojas for more information.



What do you like about your time at the W?

“I wanted to find a place where I could connect with people and find a smaller community on campus. I have definitely found that at the W.”

“There’s so many things to choose from. It’s great to see everyone here and develop friendships with the volunteers and staff. It’s a great support system.”

“I wanted to start taking accountability as a male on campus. I wanted to change myself and help change the university. I think I have grown so much while I’ve been here and I love being in this space”

“I tend to think of the W as a help center, which it can be, but it’s also a place to come on a day-to-day basis. You don’t have to come to the W because you need help but you can come here to just have a place to sit.”

“I really like the community. I’ve made a lot of good friends here and that has helped me thrive on campus.”

“I like the conversations I have with other people during office hours. The conversations seem to center on women’s rights and women’s issues. I feel like it’s a safe place to not be judged.”

What have you learned from your time at the W?

“I’ve learned a lot more about the resources on campus and what’s available to who. If I don’t know the details I know where to find them.”

“I’ve really expanded my idea of social justice and how to apply feminism to social justice in my time at the WRC.”

“I think the main thing I’ve learned at the W is making and maintaining contacts and using them wisely to create more relationships with other groups.”

“I’ve learned to say “I’m a feminist” instead of “I’m a feminist, but...” It’s been really inspiring to be here.”

“There are a million kinds of women and they are different in so many ways. None is better than the other, but our differences make us unique. They are important and it’s important that we work with our differences and not against them.”



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