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  • What is the purpose of having a Women’s Resource Center on campus?
    To promote gender equity and social justice and to provide support to students. The Women’s Resource Center provides a safe space for students who are experiencing difficulties and need someone to talk to or referrals to other resources on campus, both of which staff and volunteers are happy to provide.
  • What type of resources does the Women’s Resource Center provide to students?
    The WRC provides a variety of resources that are available to CU students. As a referral center, staff and volunteers can steer students towards other campus and community services that can best address their needs. A full list of our services and offices that we refer to can be found here, and are subdivided by category. Volunteers and staff are available for proper referrals in person at the WRC in UMC 416 or by phone at 303-492-5713. 

In addition, free pregnancy tests are available, as well as study space, computers with printing, tea/hot chocolate, a calendar of events, and free fact sheets on a variety of issues—such as sexual harassment, eating disorders and STI testing. We also have free condoms and lubrication available to students. Also available at the WRC help desk are handbills and pamphlets with information about other student resources—such as the GLBTQ resource center and Community Health.

The WRC also has a library collection with materials available for check out to CU students. A list of our library catalogue can be found here. Simply bring your student I.D. and a student volunteer or staff member will check out your desired materials.
  • Do I have to talk to anyone in order to get a free pregnancy test?
    No. If you want to get a pregnancy test and leave, that is fine, you will not be required to talk to anyone if you do not wish to. When giving a pregnancy test, the staff or volunteer member will give you a short anonymous form and ask you to fill it out. The form is used to help determine if this test will detect pregnancy based on the length of time since your missed period and/or birth control failure/ misuse. The form is completely anonymous and voluntary, and will not prevent you from receiving a pregnancy test. We will also provide you with an information sheet with directions for using the pregnancy tests and resources.
  • Is the WRC a confidential resource?
    No, the WRC functions as an information and referral center and can provide informal support and advice. Staff and volunteers are available to provide emotional support and are required to report ‘biased incidents’ and ‘intentions to harm’ to the appropriate authorities on campus. Staff and volunteers can refer students to the confidential resources available on campus. To learn more about confidentiality and the WRC, visit our “About Us” section.
  • How can I learn more about the resources the WRC provides?
    A complete list of resources and services provided and referred to can be found on our website under the "Resources" tab. Staff and volunteers are available for assistance with resources and services as well.
  • Are services available only for undergraduate students?
    No. Services and resources are available to all members of the CU-Boulder community. Our online resources page has six subcategories for easy navigation.
  • Can male or male-identified students ask about resources or spend time in WRC space?
    Of course. The WRC does not discriminate on any grounds. All students and members of the CU-Boulder community are welcome to referral services, resources and to spend time in the lounge area. We ask that you are respectful of everyone in the space and aware of potentially harmful language. The WRC is a safe space for all members of the community. If you are interested in learning more about the importance of language and social awareness, please contact us.
  • I want to learn more about the WRC and its foundations, but I have no time to visit the center. Can I learn more about them on the website?
    Yes. To learn more about the foundations of the WRC, go to the “About Us” tab and click on the “Foundations” link. Under each foundation description are examples of peer groups and/or events that correspond to that particular foundation.
  • Why does the WRC hold events? How do I find out about events on campus?
    The WRC holds events to promote advocacy and social justice on campus. Events are intended to raise awareness around social justice issues and to promote activism among the CU-Boulder community. To find out about events you may "like us" on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/CUWomensResourceCenter to get announcements, view our website's calendar online or check out the Women’s Resource Center’s awesomely huge calendar right outside the W. Flyers and hand-bills are also distributed before events will be held, and are also announced via the listserv.
  • Can students volunteer at the WRC?
    Yes! We take volunteers at the beginning of each semester. To fill out an application, download the form from our website or stop by the office to pick up an application at the start of a semester. In addition to the application, the volunteer page has contact information for prospective volunteers as well as FAQs related to volunteering, such as benefits and what being a volunteer at the W entails. Please email wrcvolunteers@colorado.edu for more information.

  • I don’t have time to volunteer. Can I still get involved?
    Yes. Members of the CU-Boulder community can get involved in a variety of ways. For those with tight schedules, but still want to get involved, you can check out our “Get Involved” page. There are many ways to get involved without overloading your schedule!

  • What are peer groups?

    Peer groups are groups for individuals who are looking for a community with other individuals who share similar backgrounds and interests. An example is the “Kitchen Table” peer group for women of color and multi-ethnic women. Click here to find out about current peer groups, or go to the “Get Involved” tab and click on the Peer Groups link located below. The peer group page contains information about the current on-going peer groups, meeting times and contact information. If there none of the listed groups seem interesting to you, you may contact us and create a new group if you desire.

  • I am part of a student group here on campus. Is there any way to receive training on gender equity and social justice?

    Yes, our staff provides educational training on social justice and gender equity as well as general consultations to the campus community at large. For more information please send an e-mail to wrcoutreach@colorado.edu.

  • I’ve heard there is a blog that publishes writing done by student staff and volunteers. Where can I find it and learn more about the WRC blog?

    Our blog is available at www.cuwomensresourcecenter.wordpress.com. The blog posts are all written by student staff and volunteers. To learn more about the blog please send an email to wrcmarketing@colorado.edu.


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