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DEC 20 

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DEC 24-25 

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Unusual Circumstances

As a graduate student, you are primarily eligible for student loans. However, the Office of Financial Aid has the ability to review your family’s unusual circumstances when determining the type of loan you may be eligible to borrow. If you have experienced a recent hardship that is not reflected on your current FAFSA form, such as loss of income or unusually high medical expenses, you may request a reevaluation of your financial aid eligibility.

Students may also request an increase to their cost of attendance for unusual expenses they may have during the academic year, such as purchasing a new computer, or book and supplies that exceed the budgeted amount. To begin the appeal process, complete the Professional Judgment Appeal Form.

Response times vary depending on the complexity of the issues involved and the time of year. We will make every effort to respond as promptly as possible.