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Scholarships at the University of Colorado Boulder

Donations from private individuals, corporations, foundations, and the University of Colorado are all sources for scholarships. While the donors specify the award criteria, the selection of recipients is made by the appropriate college, school, or department within CU-Boulder. Here is a starting point to see scholarships available.

Automatic Consideration

Prospective freshmen and transfer students are automatically awarded scholarships based on the strength of their admissions application. If you are an incoming freshmen, notification of scholarship selection will be included in your admission offer packet. Transfer students are notified by the Office of Financial Aid.
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CU-Boulder Scholarship Application

The CU-Boulder scholarship application is now available from November 1 to March 1 each year through the student portals. Prospective students can complete the scholarship application once they have applied for admission. A scholarship committee evaluates submitted applications and selects recipients. Scholarships are highly competitive and award criteria may include academic merit, financial need, extracurricular activities, leadership, or other requirements.
Prospective freshmen | Transfer | Continuing |Graduate

Schools and Colleges

CU-Boulder schools, colleges, and departments award scholarships to students. Contact them directly for information on scholarship opportunities, application requirements, and deadlines. You will be notified directly by the school, college or department if you receive one of these scholarships.
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Academic Enrichment and Other Campus Programs

CU-Boulder offers a variety of programs to enrich your academic career. Many provide scholarships as a component of either participation in or affiliation with their program.
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