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Receiving scholarships

Reporting private scholarships

Congratulations on winning a scholarship! Please report any scholarships not awarded by CU-Boulder through your MyCU student portal as soon as possible. If you are receiving a multi-year award, only report the amount that you are receiving for fall 2013 and spring 2014. If you receive a scholarship payment directly, you are obliged to notify us. Reported scholarships will show on your financial aid status as estimated awards. The estimated amounts will be adjusted once CU-Boulder receives the scholarship payment.

Sending scholarship payments

Mail scholarship checks to:

University of Colorado Boulder
Scholarship Services
77 UCB
Boulder, CO 80309-0077

Ask your donors to mail scholarship checks at least one month prior to the bill due date so that you can avoid incurring late & service charges. You may provide your donor your student ID and the Scholarship Donor form to include with the scholarship check to expedite processing.

We encourage you to write thank you notes to your scholarship donor(s). Expressing appreciation to donors for their interest in and support of higher education is an important part of receiving a scholarship.

Scholarships and Adjustments to Financial Aid

The combination of all financial aid awarded including scholarships, grants, loans and work-study cannot exceed your total cost of attendance. If you receive a scholarship, it may impact your other financial aid awards. CU-Boulder will use private scholarships to replace loans and/or work-study before adjusting any university grants or scholarships. We will email notification of a revised award letter if there are any changes to your financial aid. Learn more

A note about the taxation of scholarships: Scholarships received that exceed your total cost of tuition and required fees, books, and educationally related supplies and equipment are subject to federal income tax. Scholarships, fellowships or grants that are designated for room and board, transportation, and personal expenses may be taxable as income. Keep your receipts and copies of University bills. Questions regarding taxation of scholarships should be addressed to the local IRS office where you can obtain IRS Publication 970.