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CU Promise FAQs

What does "student share of tuition" mean?

The Colorado State Legislature provides direct funding to undergraduate, in-state students through the College Opportunity Fund (COF). Students must apply for and authorize use of the COF, which will then be applied to the student's Tuition & Fee bill. The remaining portion of tuition is referred to as the "student's share" of tuition.

If a CU Promise student loses eligibility after the first year, can the eligibility be regained?

Students who are eligible for the CU Promise Program during their first year of enrollment at CU-Boulder, who become ineligible in a subsequent academic year may appeal to the Office of Financial Aid only if they have extenuating circumstances.

What if a student is no longer eligible for Federal Pell Grant?

The amount of income earned each year could impact eligibility for the Federal Pell Grant. If the income becomes too high to qualify for Federal Pell Grant, the student will no longer qualify to participate in the CU Promise program. They may still qualify for other types of aid.

How are a student's CU Promise award affected by other resources or scholarships?

In accordance with federal and state requirements, CU's Promise cannot exceed the student's financial need; therefore, scholarships and other resources could potentially reduce the award.

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What aid is available for a CU Promise student who goes on Study Abroad?

Students who are enrolled in an eligible study abroad program will receive only the amount of funding they would be eligible for if they were enrolled on the Boulder campus. However, a student may choose to accept a loan to cover additional study abroad expenses.

Will the amount be adjusted for students who change majors?

Awards for students who transfer between one CU-Boulder school or college and another will not be adjusted during the course of the academic year unless there is a change in financial need that requires a decrease in the award.

What if a student transfers to another CU campus?

This program is specifically for students who attend CU-Boulder. However, students should contact the campus they are interested in attending to find out what financial aid is available.

What if a student is unable to or chooses not to earn the work-study award?

The work component is an essential part of this guarantee. A student may choose to accept a loan (if eligible) to replace the work component or cover other expenses in the cost of attendance (e.g. room and board, transportation, medical, personal). However, additional grant aid will not be awarded to replace work-study funds.

What if a student is unable to attend a semester or needs to withdraw?

The program requires continuous enrollment to meet the goal of helping students graduate within 4-5 years. However, if there are extenuating circumstances (such as death of a relative, serious injury or illness, etc.) the student may appeal to the Office of Financial Aid.

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