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Automatic Consideration Scholarships

Prospective freshmen applying to CU-Boulder are automatically considered for merit scholarships based on the strength of their admission application.

Colorado Residents


University of Colorado Boulder Esteemed Scholars Program

The CU-Boulder Esteemed Scholars Program is part of CU-Boulder's commitment to Colorado and recognizes top Colorado students for their excellent academic achievements. Named for CU-Boulder's first presidents, the scholarships include the President Joseph A. Sewall Award, the President Horace M. Hale Award, and the President James H. Baker Award. Awards are based on high school GPA and ACT or SAT test scores. Learn more

First Generation Grant

The first generation grant is available to Colorado residents whose parents do not have any education or technical training beyond high school. Additionally, students awarded the First Generation Grant have the opportunity to participate in the First Generation Scholars Program. Learn more

Regent Scholarship

The Regent scholarship is available to entering freshmen who graduate from Colorado high schools. One $1,000 Regent scholarship is awarded each year per Colorado high school based on high academic achievement as measured by GPA, rank in class, level of course work, and test scores.

Out-of-State Students

Chancellor's Achievement Scholarship

The Chancellor's Achievement Scholarship is available to out-of-state students who are in the top 25% of the admitted non-resident class at CU-Boulder. In 2011, recipients of the Chancellor's Achievement Scholarship typically had above a 3.85 GPA with a 29 or higher on the ACT and/or 1300 or higher on the SAT. Learn more

Presidential Scholarship

The Presidential scholarship is available to out-of-state students who are in the top 1-3% of the admitted non-resident class at CU-Boulder. Your admissions application must be submitted by January 15th to be considered for this scholarship. Learn more