James Faller

Professor Adjoint. Ph.D. Princeton University, 1963. National Bureau of Standards Precision Measurement Award, 1970; Arnold O. Beckman Award of the Instrument Society of America, 1970; Alfred P. Sloan Fellow, 1972-73; NASA Exceptional Scientific Achievement Medal, 1973; NASA Group Achievement Award, given to members of LURE Team, 1973.

Professor Faller's research interests include geophysics, experimental relativity, precision measurement, and null experiments (experiments designed to look for possible invalidations of accepted physical laws at some extreme of magnitude). A new generation of absolute gravimeters has been developed with an accuracy of 4-6 parts in 10^9. These instruments utilize the so-called "super-spring" which was developed in JILA in which ones electronically synthesizes a very long spring.  Together with Tuck Stebbins and Peter Bender, a study is being undertaken regarding the possibility of a very-long baseline (e.g. 10^6 km) gravity wave antenna in space.

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