MASP Ethos

  • One of the best and most enduring ways I give back to my community is through my academic success. Giving back to the community means doing my best and setting a good example for everyone. Being a successful student does not only benefit me personally, but makes me a better and stronger contributor to the program, thus benefiting others and ensuring the program’s legacy.
  • Having a love of learning is essential to having new thoughts and ideas. My desire to learn does not allow me to ask, “Do I need to know this (for the exam)?” Rather, it inspires me to realize that there is much to know in the world and to want to know as much as possible.
  • Respecting myself as a scholar means conducting myself with Academic Integrity. Giving credit to the work and accomplishments of others is a vital component of academia, as ideas and concepts continually build upon each other. I commit to holding myself to the highest standard of academic honesty and will cite the work of others that contributes to my own work.
  • As a CU student and member of the program I act in accordance with the Colorado Creed. Beyond treating others with the utmost respect, in this community, I will contribute to the welcoming and supportive environment that is essential to our cumulative success.
  • Although participating in extra-curricular activities is rewarding, I know that I will only accomplish and even exceed my goals if my primary focus is my academic success. I continually assess whether or not participating in non-academic work is preventing me from doing as well as I know I can. If it is, I will make adjustments so that I do not comprise the opportunity I have.