::: General Information :::

Club Make-up

The team will consist of 15 guys and 15 girls selected through tryouts. You must be a full-time student and be paying full student fees to be able to participate on the team.


Tryouts are scheduled for September 5th, 6th, and 7th.  More details will be given at the organiztional meeting.



August 27

6-7 pm

RCCR 1-2

Each player trying out will be required to pay $10 before they participate in tryouts.


Dues for the semester will be $100. If you wish to fundraise some or all of these dues, you may do so by working at CU football or basketball games. For each football game you work, $60 will be subtracted from your dues. For each basketball game you work, $30 will be subtracted from your dues. If you are interested in fundraising, talk to Ashley


The tentative practice schedule will be:

Monday 3-5pm CU-South

Tuesday 5-7pm Williams Village

Wednesday 5-7pm Williams Village

Thursday 3-5pm CU-South

Friday 3-5pm CU-South

Because there are only four courts at Williams Village, practice will be split up to maximize practice time. Players are encouraged to be at all practices. If conflicts arise between the tennis schedule and your personal schedule, please contact one of the coaches or officers.