CEB Member at Large

Shuo Yang

Ni hao! My name is Sam Yang. I am currently serving in my second semester as a CEB member and loving each and every moment of it! I get very little time to actually breathe in between going to school (senior at CU), working (tutor at I Have a Dream Foundation), and studying for MCATs. In the rare moments when I do, I like to enjoy the soothing sounds of a symphony orchestra or watch documentary films on anything from African cats to the war on drugs in Mexico. My friends would most likely describe me as sassy and shameless. I consider myself as the ultimate foodie; I will try anything at least once. Culture to me is not only history ad traditions, but also the culmination of sights, sounds, tastes, and smells of a group of people. To truly understand another's culture one must experience all of those things (not necessarily in conjunction) and CEB tries to do exactly that for the students of CU!