Quinn Gray, CEB Chair

Quinn Gray

My name is Quinn Gray but feel free to refer to me with any Q-related nicknames; some of my most recent favorites include Quinny the Poo, Quinn Stefani, and Q-Tip. I am the Chair of Cultural Events Board and loving every minute of it! I can honestly say that this Board has changed my college experience in the best way possible. I am senior studying Political Science and Biology and hope to do something in environmental policy eventually. I love chocolate ice cream, wearing slippers, watching animated clouds, and playing with puppets. I love dancing. I love being active and recently climbed my first 14er—appropriately named—Gray's Peak. I want to see the world and plan to backpack across Southeast Asia once I graduate. To me culture is the intersection of our language, class, gender, religion, sexuality, upbringing, etc., that makes you who you are. Once we recognize the individual, we begin to finally understand one part of culture.