Hiwot Shiferaw, Vice Chair

Hiwot Shiferaw

I grew up surrounded by the sound of censers, smell of incense, street markets, tea, smell of freshly roasted coffee, community gatherings and celebrations, where braids told history and outfits echo African self expression, prayer calls from mosques and churches, more languages spoken than one can understand, and soccer games on every street corner, Addis Abeba. I am the current Cultural Events Board Vice Chair. Some of the things I enjoy conversation over (conscious) coffee, a good book, and socially conscious music. CEB has thought me the importance of relationships, horizontal leadership, friendship, hard work, passion, dancing and HUGS. As the Vice Chair of CEB I am excited to explore new ways of marketing our events, build our smaller events such as documentary series, and the relationships we can build and keep with other organizations. Lets grab coffee, no seriously let’s!