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Chapter President
Name: Bryce Lopez
E-mail: Bryce.Lopez@colorado.edu
Phone Number: 720-840-1435

Chapter Vice-President
Name: Luis Cocha
E-mail: Luis.Cocha@colorado.edu
Phone Number: 720-314-0948

SHPE / MAES Office
University of Colorado at Boulder
1111 Engineering Drive
ECCE 114, 418 UCB
Boulder, CO 80309-0418

E-mail: SHPE.MAES.CUBoulder@gmail.com

SHPE / MAES at CU Boulder Executive Table
Position Name Phone Number
President Bryce Lopez 720-840-1435
Vice President Luis Cocha 720-314-0948
Secretarys Carolina Guerrero/Evan Thomas 303-489-7375/206-397-9833
Financial Account ManagerCarlos Cantor 720-225-7610
Director of Funding ResourcesBrisa Garcia 303-859-4447
Public Relations Noel Castaneda 720-939-3809
Outreach Coordinators Amalia Lopez/Carlos Sandoval 719-213-1459/720-937-7819
Webmaster Leonard Garcia/Ernesto Chaires 720-882-7926/303-618-9787
Event Planner Geovanni Cantor 720-288-9340
Alumni Advisor Carlos Silva-Ortiz 303-913-2027
Professional Advisor Gilbert Saenz 303-641-6390
Faculty Advisor Dr. Lupita D. Montoya 303-492-6382