Constitution of the African Students' Association at the University of Colorado at Boulder.

Article I. Name

This organization shall be known as the African Students' Association at the University of Colorado at Boulder hereinafter referred to as the ASA (at CU-Boulder).

Article II. Purpose and objective

The purpose of the ASA is to:
1. Benefit the University of Colorado, Boulder campus community by educating the student body and faculty members about the African community, condition and culture.

2. Create a support system for African students studying in the USA and give them material and moral support in pursuing their educational goals.
The objectives of the ASA will be reached by educational, social and cultural activities open to the whole community.

Article III. Membership

Section I. General Members
General membership is awarded to any undergraduate or graduate student registered and enrolled at the University of Colorado, Boulder.
Section II. Voting members
Voting membership will be awarded to any general member that has attended at least 50% of all ASA events. Events include general ASA meetings and other programs or activities.

Article IV. Officers

Section I. President
The president's duties include:
1. Upholding the ASA constitution

2. Overseeing the proper functioning of the organization

3. Ensuring the progress and fulfillment of objectives as stated in article II

4. Representing ASA at external functions

5. Preparing a bi-weekly outline of discussion points for meetings

6. Over-heading the committee of ASA officers

7. Presiding over general meetings and officers' meetings
Section II. Vice President
The vice president's duties include:
1. Supporting the ASA president in his duties

2. Serving as acting president in the absence of the ASA president

3. Assigning and overseeing delegations and committee
Section III. Secretary
The secretary's duties include:
1. Bookkeeping for the organization

2. Recording minutes at ASA sessions and meetings

3. Reserving room(s) for ASA events

4. Sending reminders and notifications for ASA activities
Section IV. Director of Finances
The director of finances duties include:
1. Operating the ASA financial account

2. Handling and keeping track of the ASA budget

3. Ensuring funding is available for ASA events

4. Staying informed of funding sources for ASA programs
Section V. Director of Events
The director of events' duties include:
1. Planning social, cultural, fundraising and educational events throughout the year

2. Creating and overseeing committees for various activities
Section VI. Public Relations Director
The public relations director's duties include:
1. Networking with other student groups and organizations

2. Representing the ASA at external functions

3. Promoting and publicizing ASA events and programs
Section VII. Liaison to the Black Student Alliance (BSA)
The liaison to the BSA's duties include:
1. Insuring communication between the ASA and the BSA

2. Conveying information between the two organization

Article V. Advisors

The officers of the ASA will select a minimum of one advisor among the CU-Boulder community (student, faculty or staff body) to help steer, guide and educate the membership through its activities. The selections shall be ratified by the voting membership through a hands-up vote. Advisors shall hold the right to voice their opinions, concerns or suggestions as well as give advice to the ASA membership.

Article VI. Meetings

Section I. General Meetings
General meetings shall be held bi-weekly at a location to be set by the secretary. General meetings will be open to the whole campus community but limited to ASA-related business.
Section II. Officers' Meetings
Officers' meetings shall be held weekly at a location agreed upon by the officers. This meeting will be used to evaluate the state of the ASA, discuss plans of actions and plan upcoming general meetings.

Article VII. Elections

Section I. Eligibility
Voting members that are in correct student standings and that plan to attend CU-Boulder as full time students during the mandate sought are eligible to hold any one of the officers position as described in article IV.
Section II. Nomination
A member can be nominated in two ways:
1. Nominating himself
2. Being nominated by a member of the ASA If the latter occurs, the candidate must be contacted to check whether she or he accepts the nomination. Candidature will be checked for eligibility as stated in Article VII Section II.
Section III. Voting procedure
Voting will be administered by anonymous balloting. A voting member will fill out a ballot for all ASA officers' positions. Selected names on a ballot that have not been nominated will not be counted. The candidate that receives the most votes for a certain position will win the position sought.
Section IV. Mandate
A mandate will last a whole academic year and during the summer preceding that year.

Article VIII. Amendment

This document may be amended by two-thirds vote of the active voting membership.