Welcome to our campus visit page. Please read the following before submitting a request.

To ensure that we are the best option for your school, please note that our resource center usually serves schools/groups with the following demographics: high numbers of historically underrepresented students (ex. low income, first generation, students of color, non-traditional students, etc.), groups that are in line with our mission and vision.

Filling out a request does not ensure that we will be able to guarantee your school/group a campus visit.

All requests must be submitted at least 2 weeks before the requested date.

Our busiest season is the spring semester. If you think that you all might be interested in a visit for that time, then we recommend that you submit a request now as opposed to later.

Campus visits are granted on a first come, first serve basis.

Regardless of whether we will be able to accommodate your request, you will hear from our On Campus Youth Outreach Coordinator as soon as possible. If you haven't heard from her within one business week, feel free to call our office at 303-492-1371.

How to submit form

You will need to fill out the form using Adobe Reader. Download the form and open in Adobe Reader. Once completed, click the "Submit" button found at the top right of the form. If you do not see the button, then go to File, then Save as. Then, send the form as an attachment to sorcesorce11@gmail.com. For Google Chrome users, please make sure you are filling out the form in Adobe Reader - you MUST download the file in order to do this. The default PDF reader on Google Chrome will not allow you to submit the form.

Download Tour Request Form!