About Us

Please feel free to contact our Assistant Director, Karen Shimamoto, (karen.shimamoto@colorado.edu) for more information on the various programs offered and ways for you to get involved!

Mentor Program

To aid in our retention efforts, SORCE's new mentor program is here to serve the new underrepresented population here are CU. This includes freshmen and transfer students. This program is designed to give new students the opportunity to learn about the vast amount of resources that we have here on campus and to get acquainted with students who are very familiar with the campus and are willing to share their experiences.

Multicultural Volunteer Job Opportunities

(Outreach to underrepresented youth and youth at risk). Many departments on campus are always looking for volunteers to help with recruitment and outreach efforts. SORCE will provide job opportunities via listserv for students and student groups that want to volunteer their time yet are not aware of the resources to use to promote and maintain diversity on campus.

Peer Youth Outreach

We work with a number of different outreach programs, such as the Office of Community Relations and the University of Colorado Admissions team. SORCE will continue to work to organize various projects in the State of Colorado that will help encourage students K-12 to attend college.

Educational Awareness

SORCE seeks to promote awareness about issues that face underrepresented students and the representative whole in Higher Education.

Youth Leadership Institute Conference

SORCE is working in collaboration with Boulder Valley Schools, the CUE center, and the Ethnic-specific advocacies on campus to host a variety of conferences at CU focused on the GLBTQ community and communities of color. These conferences will focus on leadership development, infused with higher education information (and information specific to bringing these youth to CU), as well as issues impacting each of these underrepresented communities and ways in which to get involved. CU students are encouraged to help plan and present at these conferences held throughout the year.

Student Group Leadership Training

SORCE will offer extensive insight in workshops and training sessions for student groups on leadership and teamwork skills. The trainings will consist of how to start a group, how to keep a group successful with good communication and leadership building skills, and provide workshops on how the group can be effective on campus and in the media.

SORCE Underrepresented Student Group Council (USGC)

USGC meetings will be sponsored throughout the year to keep everyone informed on events that promote diversity and cultural understanding. It will also give all students and student groups a space to build relationships not only with their peers, but with their respected faculty and staff. This is also an opportunity to proactively work to tackle issues of race, class, gender, sexual orientation, war, politics, religion, etc.

Eco-Social Justice Leadership Program

The Eco-Social Justice Leadership Program empowers student learning with the knowledge and skills to advance sustainability and social justice efforts. The purpose of this program is to underscore the direct correlation of sustainability and social justice work which, in turn, creates an opportunity for student leadership and action surrounding this work on the CU campus.