Outreach Longs Peak Middle School Tour

One of SORCE's main aims is to ensure that college is accessible for all students. The SORCE staff has seen a great need in many metro Area high and middle schools. As such, SORCE has been working with several schools and pre-collegiate programs in order to ensure that kids understand and believe that college is an attainable goal for them. SORCE has made regular schools visits at many at-risk Metro area schools. We have brought over 8,000 low-income, first generation, and/or students of color from various middle and high schools from around Denver to the CU-Boulder campus. We do so in an attempt to demystify what college is. College is not a place up in the clouds; it is a real place and a real possibility for them. We strongly believe by bringing them to CU, having them go to classes, interact with other students just like them, have them hear the success stories of many students from their exact same situations, and having them experience a college campus that they can truly begin to see themselves in a university setting.

To supplement these types of tours and go the next step, we help students fill out college applications, scholarship forms, FAFSA; we help them with ACT and SAT preparation, and most importantly offer them our continued and unwavering support. SORCE understands the many constraints placed upon public schools, and we believe that it is our responsibility to help these students make something out of themselves. SORCE is in the beginning stages of its outreach development, but outreaching to underrepresented students around Colorado is and will remain one of SORCE most important goals.

SORCE offers tours, shadow visits (shadowing classes with CU students), panels both at CU or at a school/program, and information sessions (about financial aid costs, classes, what to expect in college, etc).

If you are interested in participating with SORCE on any of our outreach efforts please feel free to contact our Outreach Coordinators:

On-Campus: Josie Valadez-Fraire at josie.valadez@colorado.edu

Off-Campus: America Ramirez at america.ramirez@colorado.edu