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Occasions Online is a collection of prize-winning works written by students in the Program of Writing and Rhetoric (PWR) classes. For over a decade, the PWR (formerly UWRP) has honored strong student writing with their print edition of Occasions, and Occasions Online continues in that tradition.

Occasions 2013

Winners and publication coming soon.

Occasions 2012

Lower-Division Prize Winners
  • Raven Emmons, Personal Narrative Category
    "The Tick-Tick Engine"
  • Gookjin Jeong, Inquiry Category
    "The 1997 Asian Financial Crisis: An Investigation into the Economic Impacts on South Korea and Its Policy Responses"
  • Tess Lauricella, Analysis Category
    "Woolf's Gender Portrayal"
  • Alexandra Olivo, Argument Category
    "99 Problems for Danger Mouse: A Helter Skelter Moment in Music History"
Uppder-Division Prize Winners
  • Richard Bohm, Business Writing Prize
    "A Responsible Look at Economists in the Finance Industry"
  • Alexandra Evans, Diversity Writing Award
    "Makeshift Patriot"
  • Breanna Hinricks, Upper-Division Arts & Sciences Prize
    "Murder, Abuse, and Morality in Trifles"
  • Nicole Look, Mackison Prize
    "A Nonlinear Dynamical Analysis of Asymmetries in Runners with Unilateral Transtibial Amputations"
  • Amy MacNair, Upper-Division Creative Nonfiction Prize

Occasions 2011

Lower-Division Prize Winners
  • Kara Bongiovanni, Argument Category
    "Hanging in the Balance: The Future of Manned Spaceflight"
  • Anna Jensen, Personal Narrative Category
    "Liberty and Loss"
  • Zach Siegel, Inquiry Category
    "Modern Iran: An Examination of the Foundations of Hostile Foreign Policy"
  • Rachel Stuckey, Analysis Category
    "Correcting Misrepresentation: On Progressive Representations of Childhood in Female and Queer-Authored Avant-Garde Cinema "
Uppder-Division Prize Winners
  • Wade Holland, Business Writing Prize
    "Biomimicry: The Answers May Be Right in Front of Us"
  • Ian Milligan, Mackison Prize
    "Preventing Drug-Resistant Bacteria Through the Regulation of Antibiotic Use in Agriculture"
  • Djavan Nascimento, Upper-Division Creative Nonfiction Prize
    "Cold Felt and a Warm Autumn Night"
  • Kasey Schelling, Diversity Writing Award
    "Tuition Equity for Undocumented Immigrants in Colorado"
  • Amara Seng, Upper-Division Arts & Sciences Prize
    "From Hand to Hoof: Antibiotic Use in Livestock and Antibiotic Resistance in Humans"

Occasions 2010

Lower-Division Prize Winners
  • Sara Falk-Mann, Analysis Category
    "Dove Devolution"
  • Kelsey Lindsey, Argument Category
    "Harry Potter and Christianity: Treacherous Duo or Surprising Partners?"
  • Amanda Lubeck, Analysis Category, Second
    "Teen Pregnancy in Hollywood: Nine Months of Deception"
  • Mariana Rodriguez, Personal Narrative Category
    "Blonde is a Primary Color"
  • Samantha Wellington, Inquiry Category
    "Deinstitutionalization and the Current State of Mental Health Care"
Uppder-Division Prize Winners
  • Peter Bowlin, Mackison Prize
    "Computer Engineering Major"
  • Tyler Dodge, Business Writing Prize
    "A New Green GM: How to Sell Cars Again"
  • Brian Sheldon, Upper-Division Arts & Sciences Prize
    "The Nature of Redemption and the Limits of Pessimism in King Lear "