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If you receive orders to CU, check in with Mr. Wuellner (Stadium 236, Gate 6, Room 243) in accordance with your orders. Check in uniform is summer khakis. Bring your orders and records. If you are in the process of applying to the STA-21 program and you are interested in CU, visit the STA-21 portion of our website.

General Information

First, we commend you on your interest in the NROTC Program; planning now for an exciting five years as a commissioned officer, or maybe for a whole career, shows considerable foresight on your part. Naval ROTC prepares you to receive that commission. At the University of Colorado, we have roughly 150 men and women called "Midshipmen" who are training to become officers in the U.S. Navy or Marine Corps. Individuals entering the Navy will be designated Unrestricted Line Officers and will work in one of the following specialties: (1) Surface Warfare (operating Cruisers, Destroyers, Frigates, etc.); (2) Naval Aviation, either as a Pilot or Naval Flight Officer (airborne weapons system operator); (3) Nuclear-trained Submarine Officers; (4) Special Warfare/Special Operations (SEALs, scuba diving, etc). Individuals entering the Marine Corps, once commissioned can be assigned to a wide variety of occupational specialties including ground combat arms, aviation, logistics and intelligence. Students who are selected for the Navy nursing scholarships go on to become part of the Navy's Medical Corps..


Each of these major types of officer programs is governed by a different philosophy. At the Naval Academy, midshipmen eat, breathe and sleep Navy. Officer Candidate School is an intense three-month school for college graduates. At the NROTC unit, we encourage you to be well rounded. In our program, each individual is a student, so we stress academic excellence through routine counseling, workshops on study skills, a student-run academic affairs office, and other incentives. Each individual is also a midshipman. In that regard, we strive to instill professional excellence during drill and other military evolutions. NROTC is a "leadership laboratory." Our students live in dormitories, fraternity and sorority houses, and apartments. They enjoy the wide range of cultural events, sports, hobbies, and social get-togethers, which only a civilian campus can provide. However, like their Naval Academy counterparts, our NROTC graduates are commissioned as Naval Officers.


Freshmen spend an average of eight to ten hours per week at the NROTC Unit. This includes three hours of class work, a two-hour drill period on Thursday afternoons, one or two hours of organizational meetings per week, one hour of watch standing per week, one hour of physical training and occasional fund-raising activities. There are a variety of academic requirements. Navy students enroll in eight Naval Science courses during their time at CU where they learn about Navy organization, naval history, ships systems and operations, personnel management, ethics and leadership. Scholarship students are also required to take two semesters each of calculus, physics, and English as well as one semester of history. These courses complement those taken in the student's major field of study and result in a well-rounded Navy or Marine Corps officer.


As a Navy-option or Marine-option midshipman, you may be enrolled in either the Scholarship Program or the "College Program" (non-scholarship). To be selected for the scholarship you must apply online at If you are not selected for the scholarship, please consider joining the NROTC College Program. To apply for the NROTC College Program please contact LT Lawson at 303-492-2576 or at Duane.Lawson@Colorado.EDU for further information. If your freshman grades at the University of Colorado are noteworthy and you demonstrate leadership potential in NROTC; it is possible to earn a scholarship for your last three years in school. Students who do not receive a scholarship and who remain in the College Program throughout their four years are also commissioned on active duty.


Navy scholarship students embark on three summer training cruises during their time here. We send our students all over the world, from Hawaii to Italy, to serve on ships, submarines, or with aviation squadrons. We make sure that you start to "see the world" early in your career.


Depending on your academic load and other priorities, you may choose to take part in some of the optional programs, which will enhance your professional development. The NROTC Unit sponsors numerous intramural sports teams including football, basketball, ice hockey, soccer and volleyball. We also field teams that participate in the Bataan Memorial Death March Marathon the Colorado Relay. Training at 5,400 feet definitely gives our students an advantage. We also have rifle/pistol, drill, color guard and endurance competition teams, which compete with other universities around the mid-west; Colorado's drill team is among the best in the region. As you can see, the problem is not finding something interesting to do, but managing your time well enough to accommodate enough study hours.


Nestled right at the base of the great Rocky Mountains, the community of Boulder is one of unique appeal. The dramatic mountain scenery is unequaled, and the architecture and landscape of the 600-acre campus are fascinating. Boulder is at the forefront of healthy living with a myriad of health-oriented shops, restaurants and exercise facilities; it is renowned for its active outdoor lifestyle. In fact, your outdoor activities are limited only by your imagination. Boulder is within easy driving distance of world-class ski resorts such as Vail, Breckenridge, Keystone, Winter Park and magnificent scenic areas like the Rocky Mountain National Park.Enjoy a very pedestrian and bicycle friendly environment, with miles of foot and bicycle paths, in addition to lanes along major roads exclusively for use by bicyclists. These amenities along with the high altitude and mountainous location provide an excellent training environment. Ample information about the city of Boulder and the Denver Metropolitan area can be readily found by visiting:


I highly recommend that you visit CU and our unit if the means to do so are available to you. A good time to visit is either during your spring break or at the beginning of summer. Visiting the campus will give you the opportunity to gather first-hand information about NROTC and the university, and it will greatly aid in your decision process of what college to attend. We will gladly sit down with you and discuss our program during your visit to Boulder. Appointments are held Monday-Friday from 9am to 3pm. Please call LT Lawson (303-492-2576) ahead of time to schedule an appointment.