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Naval Science Courses

The Naval Science Program is designed to prepare candidates for a career as an officer in the United States Navy or Marine Corps. The courses offered teach the student the proud heritage of the Naval Service, where it is today, and its future. Developing students academically, the courses promote the development of leadership and decision making skills.

All courses are open to any student regardless of participation in the Naval ROTC Program

Course Instructors

01. Col Walsh - USMC

NAVR 4020 - Leadership & Ethics

04. LT Wanier - USN

NAVR 3040-Weapons and Systems


02. CDR Morgan - USN

NAVR 4010 - Leadership & Management

05. LT Kimmel - USN

NAVR 3020 - Naval Ops and Maritime Law

NAVR 4030 - Navigation and Naval Operations


03. Maj Knutson - USMC

NAVR 3101 - Evolution of Warfare

06. LT Dawson - USN

LT Lawson - USN

NAVR 1010 - Intro to Naval Science

NAVR 2020 - Sea Power and Maritime Affairs