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SPRING Semester 2015 Top 4


BNCO: Gunnery Sergeant Wold

BNXO: MIDN 1/C Macfarlane

BNOPS: MIDN 1/C Pechon

BNSgtMaj: MIDN 2/C Ziebelman


The vision of the Naval ROTC is to commission highly educated officers with the intellectual curiosity and analytical capacity to function effectively as leaders within the United States Naval Service. Officers, when departing this command, will do so with a basic, but thorough, understanding of the Naval Services, and with an abiding respect for and commitment to the traditions, history and core values it will be their obligation to uphold. They will have experienced and embraced the concepts of "team" and mutual respect for all members of the command. Officers will be physically fit and will be committed to the idea of community involvement in support of the American people. Finally, they will anticipate with enthusiasm and confidence their first assignment as commissioned officers, secure in the knowledge that they have been well trained and prepared for the responsibilities and challenges that only come to those who choose to defend our nation.

Midshipman of the month - MARCH 2015


Midshipman of the Semester - SPRING 2015