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Alex Watson

Alex Watson received a Bachelor of Electrical Engineering with honors from the University of Dayton in 2010. As an undergraduate, Alex worked a summer internship with University of Dayton Research Institute and two semesters as a Systems Engineering Co-op with DRS Intelligence and Avionic Solutions before he began his experience in the Nanofabrication Laboratory at UD. He worked closely with the standard thin film fabrication tools while developing his skills in nanofabrication techniques and optical filter design. During his senior year, he worked as part of a multidisciplinary engineering design group to create an interactive museum display honoring the Desch Bombe, a code-breaking device developed in Dayton used for cracking Enigma codes during WWII, that is featured in a Dayton Historical Society exhibit. That same year, his love of music and interest in digital signal processing led him to complete an honors thesis on the implementation of a real-time software multi-effects guitar pedal using Matlab.

The following year, Alex completed his masters thesis work in the nanofabrication lab to attain an MS in Electrical Engineering. His research involved pixel level filters designed for direct bonding onto a focal plane array, with a focus on both the development of a novel approach to fabricating wire-grid micropolarizer arrays for use in real-time polarimetric imaging and the design of multilayer narrow band-pass filters for laser designator applications.

Alex is currently a 2nd year student in the PhD program at the University of Colorado-Boulder in the Department of Mechanical Engineering. His background in nanofabrication, optics and electrical engineering has led him to pursue research projects in optical MEMS and on-chip microwave biosensors.

His additional interests include playing music, disc golf, soccer, and skiing. Aside from technical literature, he enjoys reading science fiction, fantasy, and philosophy.

Research Projects:

Varifocal liquid lenses for curvature and phase compensation

Fluid coupled microwave resonant biosensor

Documents: Resume

Selected Publications:

  • •Juliet T. Gopinath, Victor M. Bright, Carol C. Cogswell, Robert D. Niederriter, Alexander Watson, Ramzi Zahreddine, and Robert H. Cormack, “Simulation of electrowetting lens and prism arrays for wavefront compensation,” Applied Optics, Vol. 51, Issue 27, pp. 6618-6623 (2012)
  • •Robert D. Niederriter, Alexander M. Watson, Ramzi N. Zahreddine, Carol J. Cogswell, Robert H. Cormack, Victor M. Bright and Juliet T. Gopinath, “Electrowetting lenses for compensating phase and curvature distortion in arrayed laser systems,” submitted Feb. 2013, under review in Applied Optics.


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