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Chris Roath

Chris Roath received his B.S. in Mechanical Engineering, with honors, from Florida International University in the spring of 2011. Working under the supervision of Dr. W. Kinzy Jones, his main work involved the development of a precision, thin-film microfilter for capture and analysis of circulating tumor cells. His other projects included the design and fabrication of a graphene-based, composite heat spreader for application in laptop CPUs, as well as development of implantable, flexible circuitry for retinal prosthesis. His undergraduate work at FIU sparked his interest in MEMS and in the Fall of 2011 he began his Ph.D studies under the supervision of Dr. Bright’s research group. Currently, Chris is working on developing a microelectrode array for sensing and stimulation of individual neural cells that are connected in a 2D network. When he is not hard at work in the lab, Chris enjoys rock climbing, soccer, and snowboarding.

When he is not hard at work on his academics, Chris enjoys rock climbing, playing basketball, skateboarding, and surfing. 

Research Projects: Living Neural Network on Microelectrode Array

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