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Watson (October 2009)

This is Watson on his 7th month birthday. He is an adorable purebred AKC registered Old English Sheepdog. In this picture, he is 68 pounds. His daddy weighs 120 pounds! Watson belongs to the Bright family.


Fitz (June 2010)

This is Fitzwilliam (Fitz) Colbert Altman! He is a purebred Portuguese Water Dog (his mommy and daddy are Champions!) that loves everyone and everything. Even though he is just three months old, he has already played in the Pacific Ocean, taken a plane ride, and jumped into a pool! Fitz belongs to Eric and Wendy Altman.


Cady (June 2009)

Cady belongs to Alicia. She is a cute little Pomeranian; however, some believe she is half dog and half cat. At almost five years old, she has trained her mommy well. She is the Queen of the house. Also, she has an abnormal fondness for her stuffed toy Brian from The Family Guy.



Isotope (named due to his similarity, but difference to the other puppies in the litter) is a white German Shepherd that belongs to CU Alumni Li-Anne Liew. He likes to shed all over Li-Anne's car and to bark at other dogs. He is currently going through lots of dog training to make him a Super Dog!

He really dislikes fireworks too.


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