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Group Outings


    John Carlton, Oyvind Nilsen, Alicia Baca and Jill Cooper support the Broncos at Invesco Field.  
    MEMS bowling bash to celebrate Joe Brown's imminent departure to spend a year in Switzerland. Pictured are Matt, Matt's wife, Matt's child, Keith, Joe, Alicia, Janhavi, Gordan, Chris, Matt and some other random peoples.  
  Dung Luu presenting his poster during the Discovery Learning Research Symposium in the Spring of 2009.  
    Joe Brown, Brad Davidson and Jill Cooper attend the IEEE MEMS 2009 Conference in Sorrento, Italy.  

The 2009 CUMEMS Group!

Back Row: Josh, Victor, Mike, Keith, Wendy, Alicia, Joe, Christopher

Front Row: Matt, Jian, Chris, Brad, Rick

    The MEMS Group at the IEEE MEMS Conference Banquet at Old Tucson Studios in Tucson, Arizona. From left to right: Richard, Rick, Victor, Wendy, and Joe.  
    The group gets together once again for some delicious Hot Pot in January of 2007. From left to right, Rick, Wendy, Joe, Brad, Keith, and Richard. The chefs, Richard and Rick (aka Yuan-Jen and Ho-Chiao), did a spectacular job! balls!  
Keith and Wendy (and 2 other MEs, 2 Germans, and 1 Austrian) hiked South Arapaho Peak (a 13'er) in August 2006.
Richard, Keith, Wendy, and Rick got together for some tasty Hot Pot during one icy night last winter. The skilled chefs, Richard and Rick (aka Yuan-Jen and Ho-Chiao), gave Keith and Wendy a delicious dose of Chinese fare!

[...] our little MEMS alumni gathering in NY." - Oyvind

From left to right: Marie, Lauren (Nils' wife), Brian, Nils (way in the back), Seth, and Oyvind.

MEMS alumni in LA

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