Multidisciplinary Engineering Micro-Systems Group
 Mechanical Engineering: University of Colorado at Boulder


The group utilizes a variety of equipment in the fabrication and characterization of MEMS and NEMS devices.  This includes:  

  • Beneq TFS 200 Atomic Layer Deposition Reactor
  • Zygo New View white light interferometer
  • Polytec OFV 1120 Laser Vibrometer
  • ILX Lightwave Precision Laser Diode Current Source\
  • Electrical Test Probe Stations
  • MMR Technologies Vacuum Probe Station
  • Wet Benches
  • Electroplating System
  • Bal-Tec CO2 Critical Point Drying System
  • OAI Ultraviolet Exposure System
  • Headway Research Inc. Spin-Coating System
  • March RF Plasma Chamber
  • Flip-Chip Bonder
  • MEI Wire-Bonder
  • Envirotronics Environmental Oven
  • Branson Ultrasonic Bath
  • Bal-Tech Thermal Evaporation Coating System

In addition, the group has wet bench facilities and chemicals used in MEMS fabrication, for cleaning, etching, and lithographic processing.

Through collaborations, our research group also has access to labs outside of the CU Mechanical Engineering Labortory. These include:


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