GEARRS 2015 Presentation Seminar and Workshop

Continuing our annual tradition, the GEARRS Committee will be hosting an ME workshop focused on improving all your skills needed to be successful in the conference setting! On Tuesday February 10th, 2015, at 4:45pm in Flemming 271B we will have Professor Julie Steinbrenner and omnipresent Janet Tsai giving a short presentation on "How to Present Technical Work to a Non-Technical Audience." We will follow it all up with a workshop in the same room where students can implement all the things presented at the seminar (and eat delicious pizza).

GEARRS 2015 Date Set

The official date for the Graduate Engineering Annual Research & Recruitment Symposium (GEARRS) has been set! The University of Colorado at Boulder Department of Mechanical Engineering announced that the Seventh Annual GEARRS will be held on Thursday March 5th, 2015. GEARRS is planned and organized by graduate students in the Mechanical Engineering Department. The symposium provides a platform for students to present and discuss research conducted at the University of Colorado Mechanical Engineering Department while also uniting both the graduate and undergraduate programs in the Mechanical Engineering Department. GEARRS fosters the partnership between the university and industry allowing students and industry members to share their work.

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