Catenary on a Cold Steel Rod
Amanda Barnes
Water droplets hang from a cylinder, held by surface tension. The droplets, formed by gravity and surface tension, are almost catenary shapes, acting as lenses.

Opal Essence
Amanda Barnes, Sean Hulings, Mu Hong Lin, Vanessa Ready, and Brian Roche
Dry ice placed underwater forms bubbles of CO2 filled with water fog. The bubbles are illuminated by a flash. The room lights made the red smear while the shutter was open.

Derek Paul
Time exposure of colored wavy strings moving in the air turbulence created by a box fan.

Robert Irmiger
Pouring a cornstarch/water mixture shows "non-Newtonian" behavior, as the faster moving fluid is 'stiffer' than the slower, pooled mixture.

Worlds Colliding
James Kostrzewa
A layer of rubbing alcohol burns on top of vegetable oil, on top of dyed boiling water in a pot on a stove.

Flow Orange
Megan Firestone
Ultra dish soap poured over food dye on a plate.

Spin ... Color
Mu-Hong Lin
Colors caused by interference of light waves show thickness variations in a thin layer spin-coated onto a silicon wafer. The center of the spin is near the middle of the image.

Jake Dembeck and David Levine
Dyed water, excited by a loudspeaker from below.

Oil Fingering
Erik Hansen, Phil Bollam, Justin Cohee, Barry Whittaker and Hsin-Jui Wu
Looking down on a thin layer of oil sandwiched between sheets of plastic. Air was pulled into oil as the top sheet of plastic was lifted. The interface between air and oil is seen.

Solid in Gas in Liquid
Matthew Blessinger, Dung Dinh Luu, Kevin McCoy and Joseph VanAmberg
A fire extinguisher set off underwater creates a three phase (solid, liquid, gas) flow. Rising bubbles of the propellant are filled with clouds of powder.

Smoke Curls
Kaite McNally
Rising smoke curls under a spoon.

Flow Over
Kaite McNally, Shane Fagan, Megan Firestone and Eli Luke
A surge of water pours over an obstacle during the filling of a water channel.

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