Required of all students:  CHEM 5776 or MCDB 5776 Scientific Ethics

Biochemistry Students:  CHEM 5771 Advanced Biochemistry 1; CHEM 5781 Advanced Biochemistry 2


MCDB Students:  MCDB 5210 Cell Structure and Function; MCDB 5230 Gene Expression; MCDB 5250 Topics in Developmental Genetics – Methods and Logic

ADVANCED GRADUATE COURSES:  Students in the SCR program take two formal courses (6 credit hours total), of which one must be CHEM 5801.  Additional electives listed are of particular interest to students in the program.


CHEM 5801 (3 credits):  Advanced Topics in Signal Transduction and Cell Regulation         2010 Syllabus

Lecture and discussion of current research in signal transduction, emphasizing molecular biology, biochemistry and genetics, including receptors, signaling pathways, control of transcription, DNA replication, mitosis, and cell cycle progression. 


CHEM 5811 (3 credits):  Advanced Methods in Protein Sequencing and Analysis 

Lecture/lab course emphasizing methods in protein sequencing, sequence analysis, and posttranslational modifications.  Laboratory experience with MALDI TOF and qTOF mass spectrometry, protein databases, sequence alignment and motifs, structure prediction, and computer modeling of signaling pathways.


CHEM 5317 (3 credits):  Genome Databases—Mining and Management

Course planned for Spring 2008, with training in bioinformatics methods, strategies for genome mining, structure prediction, database management and sources, and basic programming skills in Perl and Python.


CBEN 5838 (3 credits):  Special Topics -- Tissue Engineering

Biomaterial synthesis, characterization and analysis of cell and tissue organization, morphogenesis, stem cell biology, cell fate and differentiation, emphasizing tissue engineering applications.


CHEM 5821 (1 credit): Special Topics in Signaling and Cell Regulation

Journal club for review of literature in signal transduction, transcription, cell cycle progression, and cell differentiation.  Topics are covered in 4-5 week modules to enable in-depth analysis.


MCDB 6440 (1 credit):  Cell Cycle Journal Club

Journal club for review of literature in cell cycle regulation, checkpoints, and cytoskeletal events in mitosis.


MCDB 5471 (3 credits): Mechanisms of Gene Regulation in Eukaryotes

Molecular biology of prokaryotic and eukaryotic gene regulation, including transcription, chromatin organization, intron splicing and RNA processing.  


CHEM 5771 (5 credits):  Advanced General Biochemistry 1  (Biochemistry CORE)

Lecture/discussion on fundamentals of protein and nucleic acid structure, purification, folding, thermodynamics and biophysical methods for measurement.  (Elective for MCDB majors in the program)


CHEM 5781 (5 credits):  Advanced General Biochemistry 2  (Biochemistry CORE)

Lecture and discussion of cell regulation, including transcription, replication, chromatin structure and modulation, cell cycle regulation, and cell-cell communication. (Elective for MCDB majors)


MCDB 5210 (3 credits):  Cell Structure and Function   (MCDB CORE)

Lecture and discussion of genetics and development, including classical genetics, developmental genetics, genome organization, and transgenic methods.  (Elective for Biochemistry majors in the program)


MCDB 5230 (3 credits):  Gene Expression (MCDB CORE)

Lecture and discussion of gene regulation and expression, including DNA structure/function, RNA, regulatory proteins, human genetic diseases and gene therapy.  (Elective for Biochemistry majors)



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