Our goal is to understand how cells safe-guard their genetic information. We want to know how they do this during their normal course of life as well as when they become exposed to external insults like radiation that can damage DNA.  Loss of genetic information can result in death and disease. By understanding how cells safe-guard their genetic information, we may help prevent or treat diseases that result from loss of genetic information such as cancer.


We use Drosophila melanogaster (fruit fly) in our studies because it is a good model for human biology  (read more about this).


Current projects:

  1. Mechanisms of p53-independent apoptosis (Lyle Uyetake)
  2. The role of bantam microRNA in apoptosis after irradiation (Amber Bilak)
  3. Chemical-genetics screens; where mutants and drugs meet in Drosophila larvae (Mara & undergraduates)
  4. Education research: peer instruction as a learning tool (Tin Tin)