FORMER SU LAB MEMBERS (please send updates!!)


Grad students

Burnley Jaklevic (e-mail) is a Licensing Assistant in the Licensing & Intellectual Property Management at the Texas A&M.


Jason Stumpff (e-mail) is a post-doc with Linda Wordeman at U Washington, Seattle.


Amanda Purdy (e-mail) is a post-doc with Kerry Campbell at the Fox Chase Cancer Center in Philadelphia.


Melissa Garner Cordeiro (e-mail) is an Associate Scientist with MedImmune Vaccines in Santa Clara.


Anita Wichmann (e-mail) is a post-doc with Fredrick Backhed at the The Sahlgrenska Center for Cardiovascular and Metabolic Research at the University of Gothenburg.


Norma Sanchez (e-mail) is working on K-12 education through Biological Sciences Initiative, University of Colorado, Boulder.


Kristin Garcia (e-mail) is a Senior Consultant, Content Development for P4 Healthcare at Cardinal Health.



Tod Duncan (e-mail) is an instructor at the University of Colorado, Denver. We heard that he is relocating to Iowa to work in publishing, but have no other information.



Michael Philippe-Auguste (

Petros Yoon is working as a Professional Research Assistant (Petros.Yoon@Colorado.EDU)

Justin Gunesch (

Tony Edwards is in medical school (

Katie Krohne (

Joy Boyd is working for SomaLogic, Boulder. (

Julia Chang is in graduate school at UC Berkeley (

Vondina Brown (

Glen Shanahan

Jonathan Delamarter