Use these links to help find equipment and supplies online. In Boulder, visit Jones Drug on The Hill or Mike's Camera at Pearl and Folsom.

B&H EDU Photo and Video (Student Discount section)

Freestyle Photo (Student Discounts)

KEH Camera (reputable for used gear)

The Frugal Photographer (Source of inexpensive materials for po' photographers) (Look here for gear, film, textbooks)

Adorama (Another reputable online supplier)

Digital Truth Photo (Don't let the name fool you — online analog photo information and supply house)

Lomography (Crazy, goofy, creative, cheap plastic toy cameras and supplies)

Photographer's Formulary (They make an amazing variety of film processing chemicals for antique and modern processing, as well as sell individual component chemicals for you to concoct your own)

Bostick & Sullivan (Analog fine art photo supplies)