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Vietnam-era U.S. army veteran Hector Barrios, 69, sits at his house in Tijuana, Mexico, Jan. 21, 2013. Years after an honorable discharge Barrios was arrested for possession of marijuana and deported to Mexico in 2001. He now works at a taco stand where he makes the equivalent of five dollars on a "good day."

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Veterans remember fallen comrades at the Moving Wall, a half-size replica of the Viet Nam memorial wall in Washington, D.C.

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Maribell Avila, 10, left, and her friends play with police tape in front of the boarded up back door of the home where Frank Lobato was shot, more than a week after the shooting occurred. After two fatal shootings in this year alone, indications of police investigations blend into every day life at Lincoln Park.

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Dorothy Tweedell, center, holds an election poster from George McGovern's 1972 presidential campaign, while Mr. McGovern, left, greets local supporters after his speech at Macky Auditorium during the Conference on World Affairs at the University of Colorado. The poster of McGovern hangs in Tweedell's house since McGovern's 1972 election loss to Richard Nixon.

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Shaun Randol, 20, of Belleville, Ill., stands in front of a police barricade displaying a banner bearing the words "We Are Peaceful." Thousands of protesters descended on Washington, D.C. in April to protest meetings of the World Bank and International Monetary Fund over policies they claimed were unfair to the poor of the developing world.

© Paula Combs

Mike Frazier, left, and John Hart hold Joe McDonald as he vomits Saturday, Sept. 18, 2004. The students had been drinking for hours after a University of Colorado football game. At least four university students at schools in throughout Colorado suffered alcohol-related deaths in the first semester of the school year.

© Peter Lockley

Littleton firefighters help Juanita S. Nagai of Idaho Springs from the wreckage of her 1993 Subaru after a collision involving three cars east of Wadsworth Blvd. on highway C-470. Nagai was flown to Swedish Medical Center, where she was unsuccessfully treated for internal injuries. Nagai died later that day.

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During and impromptu memorial service at a nearby park, Columbine High students raise their hands in prayer for the victims of the April 20, 1999 shooting at the Littleton, Colo. school.