Look at the work of CU student and alumni photojournalists.

Matt Nager

Jacob Pritchard

Jason Smith

Kent Conklin

Chip Litherland

Erin Hooley

Kathryn Cook

Adam Welch

Garrett Cortese

Thomas Peipert

Tomas van Houtryve

Kevin Moloney

Ed Kosmicki

Keep track of the work of CU grads currently working for the Associated Press at the following URLs:

Gregory Bull ('91)

Brennan Linsley ('89)

See CU alumnus Brennan Linsley’s 1999 Pulitzer-winning images of the embassy bombings in Africa at: http://www.ap.org/pages/apwin/index.html

Transmedia Journalism at CU
"Porting Transmedia Storytelling to Journalism"