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Undergraduate Certificate in International Media
Offered jointly by the International Affairs Program, College of Arts and Sciences and Journalism and Mass Communication

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply for admission to the International Media Certificate program?

Applications must include two (2) copies of the following:

A completed application form. Download the application form here. (PDF file; also available as a Word document.)

Include the following attachments:

(1) A one-page, double-spaced statement of your interest in international media (2) Your academic transcript. Unofficial transcripts are acceptable
(3) Any other academic achievements (1 page max)
(4) Your work experience (1 page max)
(5) Your extracurricular hobbies (1 page max)

If after reviewing this site you still need additional information, please e-mail the JMC advisor Jeanne Brown at or IAFS advisors or

Are students in all majors eligible to apply for admission?

No. This certificate is restricted to students majoring in International Affairs and majors in all sequences of Journalism and Mass Communication.

When can I apply?

After you:

  • have completed 30 hours of college coursework
  • have also completed 6 credits of courses in their major and
  • have a minimum of a 2.75 overall GPA at CU Boulder

Does meeting the minimum admission requirements guarantee admission?

No, meeting the minimum requirements does not guarantee admission. A faculty committee of one faculty member from each unit (the Director of IAFS and the JMC Global Media Chair) will review complete applications each term. The committee may also recommend fewer total acceptances than the 20 maximum if the applicant pool is not adequate in any given year.

In the event that the faculty committee finds more qualified students from one discipline or the other, the committee may recommend that more students be taken from that discipline and fewer from the other, still resulting in a total of 20 students. 

How can I find out if this type of program is for me?

If you are a JOUR student who wants to check out International Affairs courses to see if you are interested, consider enrolling in PSCI 2012 Introduction to Comparative Politics (3), PSCI 2223 Introduction to International Relations (3), or GEOG 2002 Geographies of Global Change (3). If you decide to enter the IMC program, any one of these three courses would count toward the certificate.
If you are an IAFS student, it is not possible to take any of the certificate’s required JOUR courses without first being accepted into the IMC Program. However, to get a feel for beginning Journalism, you might wish to enroll in JOUR 1001 Contemporary Mass Media (3).

How do I know I have been accepted into this Certificate program?

You will receive an e-mail from the certificate director in your major confirming your acceptance.

How do I know my progress towards the award of the Certificate?

Students who have been accepted to the Certificate are responsible for ensuring that they complete the requirements for the certificate.

How do I get the Certificate after graduation?

You will apply for it to the certificate director in your major with evidence you have met all requirements when you apply for graduation. It will appear on your transcripts two months after your bachelor’s degree is awarded. The Certificate will be mailed to the address you specify; expect it eight to 12 weeks after commencement.

Can I apply for this Certificate after I have graduated from another university or CU-campus?


May I take courses that count for this Certificate on a pass-fail basis? 

No.  All required courses must be taken for a letter grade, not pass/fail.

Are course requirements strictly enforced?

Yes.  Certificate co-directors in IAFS and JOUR must give prior approval for use of Study Abroad and Independent Study credits.  


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