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March 2014

CU dialogues INvitation

The CU Dialogues Program invites graduate students to participate in dialogues in undergraduate classes. The CU Dialogues Program facilitates conversations in CU classes to foster experiential learning opportunities and discussion among diverse perspectives and experiences. The Program works alongside faculty and instructors to bring varying perspectives, voices, and experiences into the classroom. The program considers a dialogue to be a facilitated conversation that creates a welcoming space for open discussion of important and sometimes controversial topics. Recent dialogues include affirmative action, Hill neighborhood resident and student perspectives, experiences of gender, and immigration.

Graduate students bring a diversity of life experiences and perspectives when they come to CU-Boulder for their studies, yet they often don't have an opportunity to share with undergraduate students in a meaningful way outside of their teaching responsibilities.

If you are interested in participating as a dialogue guest or if you would like to host a dialogue in your classroom, please email

For more information, visit the CU Dialogues Program website and watch the informational video about the CU Dialogues Program.

Reporter Turns in article about procrastination on time 

Daniel Gustavson, a graduate student in cognitive psychology at the University of Colorado Boulder, defines procrastination as irrationally delaying action, even when we understand the consequences of that delay. "[Procrastination is] not just laziness. It’s something else too. Genetically, it’s the same as people who are rushing into acting without thinking," Gustavson said. "There’s something underlying there that’s not just sloth." >> Read more. Procrastinate!

co-working space designed for students opens on the hill 

Spark Boulder is a new co-working space on the hill designed to help connect students with the business community. The space offers desks, Wi-Fi, printers, conference rooms, mailboxes, a kitchen, and more. Spark Boulder is now open and offers a special discount for early subscribers who are currently enrolled at CU. The 5,400 square-foot location is a startup led by current and former CU-Boulder students. It’s located at 1310 College Ave. on University Hill.

For more information check out the Spark Boulder website.

CU Science Update video wins best in competition at bea festival

CU Science Update "The Observatory: Lens to the Universe" won Best in Competition for Educational or Instructional video at the Broadcast Education Association 2014 Festival of Media Arts. The show was placed in the faculty category, although some students, such as former CU-Boulder graduate student Eric Wang contributed to the project.

See the video >>  Or  for more info, check out the BEA website. 

pbs newshour wants to hear from Basic Researchers

PBS NewsHour has launched a new series on basic science research to explore the many reasons why scientists have chosen their individual fields. Now they want to hear from graduate students.

All you have to do is upload one of the following videos explaining why you choose to do basic research:  a Vine video with the tag @NewsHour, an Instagram video with the same tag, or a YouTube video of no more than 1 minute titled “Hey NewsHour, this is why I chose basic research.”

Some videos will be posted the the PBS NewsHour website, and if your work is interesting enough PBS might even come to your lab and write about it!

The deadline for submissions is March 14th. If you submit an entry, please let Merlyn Holmes know from the Graduate School. More information>>

ONe billion rising flash mob

Did you miss the flash mob that happened on campus on February 14th, led by graduate student Amanda Benzin ? Check out this video of the One Billion Rising event! 



Stephen Kissler, B.S. and M.S. student in applied mathematics, has received the Gates Cambridge Scholarship for doctoral studies, which will provide three years of full funding. Kissler currently works with professor Vanja Dukic on research to model the spread of meningitis in Nigeria. In the UK, he plans to study the spread of influenza by mathematically describing and identifying the key factors in the spread of the infection.

The Gates Cambridge Scholarship is funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to Cambridge. The program aims to connect and support a global network of world-changing global leaders. 

Congratulations and good luck in your new program, Stephen!

Beyond Academia: Peter HuTchingS
Peter Hutchings, who received his BA in English and MA in CompLit from CU-Boulder, came to campus on February 24 to discuss... filmmaking!  For the innaugeral talk in "Beyond Academia" a new series sponsored by the Graduate School, Huntchings presented "Reading the Scene: Building a career in filmmaking."

Through this new series, CU-Boulder graduate students and others who are interested can learn about career possibilities beyond the traditional faculty and research positions.  Speakers will include CU-Boulder graduate student alumni who will talk about their own career paths and success stories and answer questions from students who are exploring their options for the future. 

A graduate degree can lead in many directions—come and learn about the possibilities!

two students selected for adaptaion decision-making and environmental communication summer internships

Doctoral candidates Leslie Dodson and Drew Zackary have been selected for summer 2014 CU-Boulder Red Cross/Red Crescent Climate Centre Internships in Africa. 

Leslie Dodson is a PhD candidate in the ATLAS Institute, where she is pursuing a doctorate in Technology, Media and Society. Her information and communication technology for development research involves the design of a communications system for the largest fog water harvesting project in North Africa which will serve hundreds of rural Berber residents in southwest Morocco.

Drew Zackary is a PhD candidate cultural anthropology. His research interests involve examinations into how climate change, livelihoods, conservation and culture interact at the local level. Drew is additionally interested in how human decision making is constrained by climate change and livelihood options are shaped by sociocultural contexts, and how practitioners from national governments, non-profits, and the natural sciences can work with cultural anthropologists on problem centered program design. 

The CU-Boulder Red Cross/Red Crescent Climate Centre Internship Program seeks to improve climate change communication and adaptation decision-making in response to climate variability within the humanitarian sector. It connects humanitarian practitioners from the Red Cross/Red Crescent Climate Centre with science-policy graduate student researchers CU-Boulder.

More information>> 


Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending.—Maria Robinson



All GTP workshops count toward requirements for the certificates offered through the program. For more information visit the GTP website or email

Monday Workshops
Mondays 2-3
Monday workshops focus on concrete strategies, techniques, and methods to help you teach better in the classroom.
More information>> 

Technology Workshops
Tuesdays 11-12
Introductory workshops explore technologies that might work in your field.
More information>> 

Friday Forums with Faculty
Fridays 11-12
Faculty talk about their personal lives, experiences, teaching, research, and service. 
More information>>

Intercultural and Diversity Workshops
Fridays 1-2
These workshops provide the opportunity for you to discuss international, domestic, and classroom culture in a safe environment while developing new skills.
More information>>

Thursdays 12-1
Join the Science Learner’s Lunches at the Gemmill Library on visual design, online mapping, data management and more.  
More information>> 


Bounce Back
Mondays 3:30-5 and 5-6:30
Tuesdays 3:30-5 and 2:30-4
This group is for students on academic probation (AP), who are close to being on AP, or who are working towards reinstatement. 
More information>>

Tai Chi
Mondays 12-1
More information>>

Keep Your Calm
Tuesdays 3:30-4:30
In this workshop, you will learn different ways to manage your anxiety and/or depression through cognitive-behavioral strategies and mindfulness.
More information>>

MA Thesis Working Group
Wednesday 2-3 
More information>>

PHD Dissertation Working Group
Tuesdays 1-3
More information>>

Fridays 3-4
Oasis is an inclusive community for connection, encouragement, and support in sobriety. 
More information>>

Feel Good Fridays
Fridays 12:10-12:40
This drop-in group is an opportunity to be led through a powerful guided meditation to undo your stress, sooth your nervous system, and feel good. 
More information>>

Financial Education Workshop 
Monday 3/31
Getting Ready for Big Purchases 
11-1 in UMC 247
For more info, contact Katherine Sauer.

Women and Gender Studies Program Activist-in-Residence

 Movement Building in the 21st Century:
Progressive Organizing across Race, Gender, Class & Nation
Tuesday, March 4, 2014
5:00-6:00pm in Hellems 201
Reception to follow in the Gates Woodruff Cottage


Thursday, March 13: Jen Gifford (Biochemistry)
Thursday, March 20: Maya Fabrikant (Physics)
For more information, email Trubee Davison or visit the group's Facebook.


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