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January 2014


happy new year!

We look forward to seeing you back on campus for the Spring Semester starting January 13th!

gTP spring conference - January 9-10
The Graduate Teacher Program Spring Conference is designed to support the development of graduate teaching scholars. This conference will be an opportunity for you to hone your teaching skills while meeting and learning from your peers, professors, staff, and other invited guests. The full schedule for the Spring Conference can be found in the right-hand column of this newsletter. For more information, visit the
GTP website 

Bridging the Gap between Academia and the Public

See this very nice article and video in the Daily Camera on CU-Boulder's efforts to bridge the gap between academia and the public. Graduate students, of course, play an increasingly key role. It starts:

"Over the lunch hour one Friday in November, 50 University of Colorado physics graduate students sat in a group, munching on pizza and holding bright yellow pieces of paper with the word JARGON typed in big block letters.

"Susanna Kohler, who's studying astrophysics and science education at CU, explained her fictional research project to the group.

"Whenever she came to a word the general public wouldn't understand, 50 yellow pieces of paper shot up into the air.

"'This will help you when you go home and your family asks, 'So what is it that you do, again?' Kohler said."

Dean of the Graduate School, John Stevenson, also shared, "There is a national conversation that's been growing for three or four years about this as an issue that graduate schools should address.... It's especially urgent now as people are paying closer attention to higher education in general. Is higher education, in fact, delivering on the promises it's made to this country? It seems it's very important that our students not just here but everywhere learn not just how to be advanced researchers, but also how to share that work with other people. If people can't describe their work in ways that a larger public can understand, then people are going to say, 'Why should we support that?'"

See the full article. >>          

transforming gender symposium call for papers

 CU-Boulder’s TRANSforming Gender Symposium is a nationally renowned event that hosts national and local transgender and genderqueer activists for two days’ worth of speakers, workshops, paper presentations, and caucuses. It will take place March 14th-15th. 

Workshop, paper, and caucus proposals are due on January 31st.

Click here for more information, or email

shared knowledge conference invites cu-boulder students

The Graduate Resource Center at the University of New Mexico is hosting the 2014 Shared Knowledge Conference on April 9th and 10th, and students and faculty from CU-Boulder are invited to participate.

The conference offers six ways for students to present their work through 3-minute thesis competitions, posters, student film showcases, exhibits, and performers. 

Visit the conference website for more information.

Proposals due February 14th.

UGgs individual travel and group event grants 

Applications for the UGGS Spring Grant Series will open on Monday, January 13th. UGGS offers up to $300 of funding for individuals to travel to conferences, workshops, fieldwork, and research. Students may receive this award only one time during their tenure at CU.

All applications will be due Wednesday, February 5th. No late applications will be accepted.
For more infomation >> 

gtra position available for 2014-2015 school year

Apply to become a Graduate Teaching Resident Adviser. GTRAs live in the residence hall with freshmen students; work with them in SSI courses; and are available for advising and tutoring help. GTRAs receive free room and board from Housing and Dining Services in return for 17 hours of RA service per week. 

Applications will be available through March 30th. 

spirit of pod award presented to dr. laura l. b. border

Dr. Border, Director of CU-Boulder’s Graduate Teacher Program was awarded the prestigious 2013 POD (Professional and Organizational Development Network) award.  This distinction is presented to selected individuals from all over the world who have made notable selfless contributions to both the organization and the profession of educational development. Dr. Border received this award along with Dr. Constance Ewing Cook of the University of Michigan.

Congratulations Dr. Border and thank you for all of your contributions to graduate students over the years!

CMRC Graduate Students Produce Radio Show on Muslims in the Mountain West Project 

Samira Rajabi, Krissy Peterson, and Hugo Cordova, three graduate students in the Center for Media, Religion, and Culture produced the quarterly Sacred Lines radio show in November for KGNU on the Muslims in the Mountain West Project. It chronicles the experiences of Muslims as they live and imagine their own Americanness.
For more information >>
Listen to the audio >> This show begins 1:40 into the program.


Trubee is a fifth year graduate student in the Mathematics Department. His research involves functional analysis of fractals. As a fractal expert, Trubee describes the phenomenon as one that occurs in nature (e.g. snowflakes, ferns, shorelines, and broccoli), that exhibits self-similarity at different levels of zoom. 

In addition to his contributions to the Math Department, Trubee is involved in many areas of CU-Boulder’s campus. As a violinist, Trubee participates in CU campus orchestra. He also launched the graduate student research STEMinars in the Fall of 2013, for students in math, science, technology, and engineering on campus to showcase their work.

To learn more about Trubee check out his Graduate Student Feature!

what's going on in atlas?

The Alliance for Technology, Learning, and Science (ATLAS) is an interdisciplinary program that works to connect students with information and communication technology to create innovative global leaders. ATLAS programs include an MS in Communication Technology for Development, a PhD in Technology, Media, and Society, and a certificate in Digital Media.

Ph.D. student Heather Underwood successfully defended her dissertation, entitled "The PartoPen: Using Digital Pen Technology to Improve Maternal Labor Monitoring in the Developing World," on Oct. 29. Underwood is developing the PartoPen, which is an interactive digital pen-based system that reinforces birth-attendant training, records labor progress, validates form data, and aims to improve maternal outcomes in developing countries. Click here for an abstract of her dissertation and a video of her defense.

Josephine Kilde spent the summer in New Mexico as an intern at Los Alamos National Laboratory working with Math and Science Academy (MSA), a LANL community project that is geared toward extensive math and science professional development training for K-8 teachers in New Mexico Hispanic and Native-American Pueblo schools. She worked with four Pueblo schools, three of which are Bureau of Indian Education schools and one is a Pueblo community school. These four schools will serve as a pilot group in the process of developing a MOOC for science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) teacher professional development training that emulates Native-American natural and cultural learning approaches through the use of video, imagery and culturally relevant examples. 

Jiffer Harriman has developed a prototype for his music/newmedia/technology research platform. It consists of a main box with a number of 3.5mm stereo jacks (like those for headphones) and compatible modules with various sensors that can be plugged in with a standard stereo patch cable. The sensor modules include rotary knobs, pressure sensors, light sensors, distance sensors and accelerometers among others. He also is working on the software abstraction that will create a simple interface for getting the data into a computer for communication with various applications.

Calvin Coolidge Pohawpatchoko
had a presentation accepted for the National Society for Advancement of Chicanos and Native Americans in Science (SACNAS) conference in San Antonio on Oct. 4. He had a presentation accepted for the Nov. 1 National American Indian Science and Engineering Society (AISES) conference in Denver. He also is one of four invited to sit on Navajo Technology University’s newly formed engineering board.

1 Billion Rising / VDay - Call for
Volunteers & participants

Join the rapidly growing international effort, 1 Billion Rising, to help stop violence against women and girls and, by extension, all people. Campus and community organizers are looking for volunteers and participants for VDay events to be held on Valentine's Day, Friday, Feb. 14, 2014.

The new year begins in a snow-storm of white vows. --George William Curtis



Jan 31:  
Candidacy Application for Master's Degrees
Submit the application to the Graduate School. Applications received after this deadline may not be processed in time for commencement. Applications must have student and departmental approval when submitted. 

Feb 1:
Apply online to graduate.

If you're planning to graduate in the spring with a master's or doctoral degree, you must apply online. Logon to On the Student tab, select the Apply for Graduation link under Academic Resources. This must be done whether or not you plan to attend the ceremony.


Jan 1:  Deadline to sign up for direct deposit financial aid refund
Jan 10: Open enrollment for all students begins 
Jan 22: Tuition and fees payment due
Jan 22: Deadline to add a course without the instructor's approval
Jan 22: Deadline to add your name to a course wait list 
Jan 22: Deadline to select or waive university sponsored health insurance
Jan 29: Deadline to drop a course without being assessed tuition and fees and without a W appearing on transcript
Jan 31: Deadline to change variable-credit hours, pass/fail, and no-credit status 


Friday January 9th Schedule


Welcome & Introduction


Using Multiple Modes in the Classroom: Tips for 21st Century Teaching


Applying Multiple Modes in the Classroom

PhDs in Non-Academic Careers?


Integrating Case Studies into your Classroom

Goal Setting for Academic Success


How to Prepare Screencasts

Writing Readably and Reading Writably

Saturday January 10th Schedule


Women, Men, & Authority in the Classroom


Women, Men & Authority in the Classroom: A Discussion

Looking Ahead: Making the Financial Transition from Graduate Student to Faculty Member


Using D2L to Reach Different Learners

Addressing Troublesome Topics


Getting and Keeping a Job in Academia

MOOCs and Academic Job Talks


Jan 16 and 28, 5pm. Graduate students sharing their research in the STEM disciplines.
More information >>


Friday, Jan 17, 4-6pm in the Abrams Lounge, Center for Community. Hosted by the GLBTQ Resource Center. Graduate students are welcome!


Jan 28-29, 9 am - 3 pm, Spring Career & Internship Fair, UMC Ballroom.  More information >>

Anytime - Want to learn about how to be more LGBTQ-inclusive in the classroom and in your pedagogy? Contact Scarlet Bowen to arrange a workshop.


UGGS 3rd Annual Graduate Student Ski Day
UGGS will be hosting our annual Graduate Student Ski Day at Eldora in January. Details are still being worked out, so keep an eye out for an email from UGGS with the date and how to get tickets. You can also like the UGGS Facebook page to make sure you're getting updates on all UGGS events:

UGGS Assembly Meetings
Join UGGS at our assembly meetings. We meet biweekly on Wednesdays at 5 pm in ATLAS 229. We encourage all graduate programs to send at least one rep and departments that attended 75% or more of meetings the previous semester earn 5 bonus points for students that apply for UGGS travel funding. We will have our first meeting on Wednesday, January 15th. Food will be provided. Email with any questions.


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