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October 2012

Event Highlight

Getting Off to a SMART START in Graduate School, a five-week series, Thursdays, 2:00-3:30 PM (October 11, 18, 25, November 1, and November 8) in C4C Room S435

If you recently started graduate school (or if you started a while ago and haven't quite found your footing) come join a psychologist and a librarian to learn skills that will stand you in good stead throughout your graduate career. We'll learn skills in reviewing and retrieving literature, managing time and stress, taking tests and writing papers, and balancing work and other parts of life.

Grad Student Feature of the month: Callie Cole

Callie Cole, a second-year PhD student in Analytical Chemistry, spends a good chunk of her time studying the chemical reactions that take place in space. Over 170 molecules have been detected in the areas between stars, but the chemical reaction networks that govern their relative abundances remain largely unknown. In Dr. Veronica Bierbaum's laboratory, she analyzes reactions between these interstellar species to illuminate pieces of this complex and fascinating puzzle.

Callie is also passionate about teaching chemistry. She is working towards Certification in College Teaching through the Graduate Teacher Program and instructed chemistry courses for the summer 2012 CU Upward Bound program.

>> See a video, just posted to YouTube!

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Attention Graduate Students Interested in Latin America

Do you know there are more than 60 faculty members at CU-Boulder whose research focuses on Latin America? Do you know that CU will be hosting a number of amazing scholars and interesting speakers, including Isabelle Allende? The Latin American Studies Center at CU-Boulder is trying to foster connections between and promote opportunities for the Latin Americanists on campus.

Throughout the year, we will announce a number of events relevant to Latin American studies. For these and other announcements, we have a listserv through which we send weekly updates. If you are interested in these announcements and are not yet on our list, please let me know.

Also, if you do research on Latin American topics and would like to be listed on our website, please send me an email with your name, your department, your research interests, and your region of interests.

Jami Nelson Nunez
Graduate Assistant
Latin American Studies Center

In order to vote...

To vote in the upcoming election, make sure you’re registered to vote by October 9th!

Register to Vote in Colorado
To access voter registration forms, residents of Boulder County can visit Click on “Registers voters” under the subhead Elections Division. Filling out the forms will allow students to vote in county, state and federal elections. Additionally, those who wish to register must be at least 18 years old on or before Election Day on Nov. 6.

Check your registration status
Students who are unsure whether or not they are registered are able to check their voter registration and their ballot status by visiting Click on “Registers voters” under the subhead Elections Division. Under “Registration Information,” click “Verify voter registration information.” Registered voter information is updated approximately one to two weeks after registering.

Register outside of Colorado
Out-of-state students who are not residents of Colorado and instead wish to vote in their state of residence can access a voter registration form at Click on your state to access your state’s registration information page.

Register via mail 
Mail-in ballots can be requested, and a State of Colorado voter registration form can be downloaded at A PDF form for the mail-in ballot can be found under “2012 Election Information.” General election information, election resources and voter information can also be found at the site.

Grad Student News

James Millette, of Anthropology, has received a Doctoral Dissertation Improvement Award from the National Science Foundation. The title is "Challenging Assumptions of Dental Senescence Using a Primate Framework." James is currently in Madagascar carrying out his research.

From the Department of Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences. At the upcoming ASHA Convention:

  • Heidi Burke, Melissa Klaer, & Sheryl Schaller will be presenting with Amy Thrasher on the Story of Friendship approach for children with autism spectrum disorders.
  • Cameron Frothingham, Tyler Buchholz, Bella Alongi, and Brian Manzanares will be presenting about Pathways to Assessment of Learning.
  • Chris Smithwick and Tyler Buchholz will be presenting on a research project.
  • Eric Schliemann is presenting on his thesis.

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10/1/12-Doctoral Diploma Card Deadline

10/1/12-Masters Candidacy Application and Diploma Card Deadline

10/15/12-PhD Dissertation Title Deadline

Also, be sure to take a look at the Graduation Requirements to make sure you have everything turned in to graduate on time!


Dissertation Support Group
Tuesdays, 1-2:45 p.m, C4C room S435
More info >>

Grad Speak
A quarterly drop-in discussion group on topical issues related to the graduate student experience.


10/1/12 - Career Options for Asian Languages and Civilizations Graduate Students

10/1/12 - GTP Workshop: Time Management: How to Make it Happen!

10/1/12 - Engage! Talk Series brought to you by InterVarsity's Graduate Christian Fellowhip (GCF)

10/2/12 - GTP Workshop: Tips & Tricks and Best Practices: Effective Technologies for Teaching

10/2/12 - Strengths Based Resume/CV and Interviewing Workshop Series

10/3/12- National Student Speech Language and Hearing Association CU Chapter Fundraiser, Avery Brewing Company at 6:30 pm. Proceeds will benefit Brain Buddy and CU Boulder Speech, Language, Hearing Center. A portion of proceeds will benefit our local chapter for things like travel scholarships.

10/4/12 - GTP Workshop: Teaching the History of Science As Part of Teaching Science

10/5/12 - GTP Workshop: Participant-Centered Learning

10/5/12 - GTP Workshop: Teaching Veterans: Working with Students Whose War Stories Aren’t From High School

10/6/12 - DMA Recital: Jeffrey Lehman, conductor

10/8/12 - GTP Workshop: International Students: The Changing Face of Campus

10/9/12 - GTP Workshop: Using VoiceThread in the Classroom

10/11/12 - GTP Workshop: Leading an Effective STEM Recitation Section

10/12/12 - GTP Workshop: Adapting to International and Domestic Undergraduates in Your Classroom

10/13/12 - MM Recital: Jennifer Anderson, clarinet

10/14/12 - DMA Recital: Kiel Lauer, trombone

10/15/12 - Ross Snyder, Lecture Recital

10/15/12 - GTP Workshop: Managing Conference Attendance in Your Discipline

10/16/12 - GTP Workshop: Wikis, Blogs & Facebook

10/18/12 - 40th Parallel: Graduate Wind Quintet in residence

10/19/12 - GTP Workshop: Friday Forum: Keepin’ It Real

10/19/12 - GTP Workshop: Issues for International Scholars in the US and Abroad

10/22/12 - GTP Workshop: Staying on Target: Teaching in the Target Language

10/22/12-Open Access Week World Bank Kick-Off Webcast - 5:15pm in ATLAS 204 (the second floor lounge)

10/23/12 - GTP Workshop: Technology Tools for Collaborative Learning

10/25/12 - GTP Workshop: Using an Inquiry Based Format in STEM Labs

10/25/12 Open Access Week CU Panel, 5:00pm in Ekeley W166

10/26/12 - GTP Workshop: Friday Forum: Screen Casts for Flipping the Classroom & Grading

10/26/12 - DMA Recital: Pia Bose, piano four-hands

10/27/12 - DMA Recital: Cobus du Toit, flute

10/28/12 - Orava Quartet

10/29/12 - GTP Workshop: Let’s get out of here! Taking Learning Beyond the Classroom

10/30/12 - GTP Workshop: Online Teaching Strategies

The campus-wide CU-Boulder Diversity & Inclusion Summit will be held Nov. 13-15.


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