This is a collection of resources to help smooth the way for graduate students and enhance your quality of life and learning while you are at CU-Boulder.

  • Connections
    Connecting the dots in your field of study and in your professional network are important elements of graduate education. Here are some ways to connect with other graduate students on-campus, on-line, and off-campus, locally and internationally.
  • "Thrive" Graduate Student Guide
    A PDF version of our NEW interactive publication.
  • Graduate School Pocket Guide
    A foldable credit-card sized quick reference with information on Student Services, On- and Off-Campus Activities, and a checklist for new students on one side and a CU-Boulder campus map on the other. Print versions are available through the departments or the Graduate School.
  • Graduate School Advising Services
    The Graduate School provides a wide range of support to graduate students and staff, from financial awards to academic counseling. Find the right person to contact for your needs here.
  • Newsletters
    See current and past issues of "Grad Student News!"
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Help!
    Assistance for students in distress
  • Incoming Graduate Student Information

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  • Professional Development:
    A top-level section of this website which is a big resource unto itself for teaching and professional development, inside and outside of academia.
  • Related Links
    The left-hand column of this page lists many resources available on other websites.

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