Publications and Recruiting Materials

We in the Graduate School know that your personal contact with potential graduate students is the best recruitment tool around. To assist you in your recruiting efforts and in CU-Boulder's Flagship 2030 initiative to increase graduate student enrollment and enhance graduate education, we have developed or gathered the following publications, electronic resources, and tips.

Ordering Publications

Please request the publications using our online order form. They are all free of charge.

Graduate School Publications

Graduate School Pocket Guide
A foldable credit-card sized quick reference with information specifically for graduate student on Arrival Logistics, Student Services, Activities & Groups, on one side and a CU-Boulder campus map on the other.
View / download the Adobe Acrobat version.

Graduate Degree Programs Contact Sheet
A list of graduate degrees offered by each department, including phone numbers, email addresses, and website links contact information.
View PDF Version.

Graduate Degree Programs and Rankings Brochure

Includes CU-Boulder's rankings by high profile publications, a list of departments, the degrees offered and each department's website. It simply folds in half and is a great lightweight overview of what CU-Boulder has to offer. 

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CU-Boulder Publications

Campus Visitors Guide
University Communications has produced a glossy, four-color Campus Visitor's Guide that works well in conjunction with the other recruitment materials if weight is not an obstacle. (66-page, 8 1/2 x 11" magazine format)

Faculty Achievements booklet
We recommend taking a handful of these with you on recruiting trips, conferences, etc. to show others and to give away should anyone request one.

Just the Facts
"Just the Facts" is a 40-page, 7" by 11" publication that includes general information and statistics on CU-Boulder, including sections about graduate education and research. View PDF Version


Using CU-Boulder's Website for Graduate Student Recruitment

  • From the CU-Boulder home page, click on "Admissions" then "Graduate Admissions."
  • Direct international students to the "International" section.
  • Your department info is often the next best bet for engaging prospective students. A synopsis of the graduate programs from your department can be accessed from "Programs" or from the grey "Degree Program Search" box on the right.
  • Information for Visitors is available toward the bottom of the CU-Boulder home page
  • For a window into some of the great research, scholarship, and creative work going on at CU-Boulder, see also the Research section and perhaps the News > In-Depth Series > Graduate Education.

Using the Graduate School Website for Graduate Student Recruitment

  • From Graduate School website at, you can access:
  • Over 300 Graduate Student Features, which give a personal inside view of attending graduate school at CU-Boulder,
  • Why Graduate Education?” slideshow, which gives an overview of some of the top reasons to attend graduate school, and
  • Why CU? slideshow, which gives an overview of the top 10 reasons to attend CU-Boulder for graduate education. (This also appears on the Graduate Admissions website.)

Establishing Formal International Relationships
If you will be traveling internationally and have an interest in starting an exchange or broader relations, Larry Bell, the Director of the Office of International Education, is available to help facilitate your efforts. Please keep in mind as you talk to colleagues that such relationships may take some time to develop. Please contact Larry before your departure at (303) 492-8058 or

Recruiting Tips? Please send us your tips on best practices in recruiting graduate students.

Feedback: Please direct any questions regarding our publications and web sites to, and let us know at any time how else we may assist you in recruiting the best graduate students.