Faculty and Staff

Faculty and staff are the driving force behind research and graduate education at CU-Boulder, playing the central role in the recruitment, admission, teaching, mentoring, program administration, and advising of our graduate students.

Here are some QuickLinks to information and forms on this website that may be of particular use to faculty and staff:


Contact: Graduate Student Services, Email: gradinfo@colorado.edu, Tel: 303-492-8220

Admissions Info for Staff


  • Students with questions about your particular situation: contact your department first.
  • For specific questions about the online application or the Graduate Admissions Guide for Staff, contact Patty Krus, Assistant to the Graduate Student Funding and Admissions Coordinator, Email: patricia.krus@colorado.edu, Tel: 303-492-5297.

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Funding Administration

See separate Funding Administration web page.

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Graduate Faculty Appointment and Membership

Contact: Graduate Student Services, Email: gradinfo@colorado.edu, Tel: 303-492-8220
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Contact: John Stevenson, Email: John.Stevenson@colorado.edu, Tel: 303-492-2890

Publications and Recruitment Materials

Contact: Merlyn Holmes, Communications Coordinator, Email: Merlyn.Holmes@colorado.edu, Tel: 303-492-1825

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Resources to Assist You in Assisting Your Students

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Feedback: Please give us feedback about this web page as well as thoughts on how we may expand it to better serve faculty and staff needs.