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Communication Assistant Needed

The Graduate School is seeking a great graduate student Communication Assistant for Merlyn Holmes*, who handles communications, publications, web sites, videos, social media, and key event management for this high-profile office in Regent Hall on the CU-Boulder campus. The position will be for approximately 10-20 hours per week during the academic semesters. Holiday and summer employment is also an option.

The ideal candidate will be smart, a quick-learner, self-directed, detail-oriented, have a majority of the skills and interests described in the job description below, and be interested in obtaining professional experience and references.

A work-study award is highly desireable but not required. Note that most graduate students who are eligible for federal loans are eligible for work-study awards. Call the Student Employment Office at 303-492-7349 to confirm your eligibility.

*Note "Merlyn" is pronounced like "mare + lynn" or the decidedly more romantic French "la mer" for the sea.

Job Description

This position may be tailored to some degree to the skills, talents, and interests of the student employee, but we are looking for people who are competent in the majority of the skills below. Key duties, and their pertinent skills, include:

  • General Assistance in producing and distributing publications, websites, and social media regarding graduate education and research.
  • Writing/Editing/Proofreading of material for the web, publications, and social media, primarily regarding the fine research and graduate education going on at CU-Boulder. Close attention to detail, good organizational skills, and strong command of the written English language is required.
  • Photography/Video Production , both in conducting shoots and editing and preparing files. Interest, skills, and talent with photography and/or video are highly desirable.
  • Design skills are highly desirable.
  • Social Media - just Facebook and YouTube at the moment, but we may possibly adopt other venues as well.
  • Web Maintenance Assistance for our Graduate School and Graduate Admissions websites, using DreamWeaver and Drupal. Experience in this field, and with these tools, is highly desirable.
  • PHP skills: Not essential, but if you have PHP skills, we could use them.
  • Event Management Assistance. Close attention to detail and good organizational skills are required. Prior experience in organizing events is desirable.
  • General Office Support, including serving as the office receptionist, answering phones, photocopying, and managing the Graduate School events calendar

Work Environment: The work environment is both engaging and laid back. Our offices are located on the third floor of Regent Hall, where many of the major decisions regarding the future of CU-Boulder are made. It is professional, focused, and fairly quiet, with bursts of good humor and conversation in the hallways.


  • Schedule flexibility
  • Pay raises based on work and academic performance
  • A supportive, engaging work environment
  • The opportunity to develop real-world skills in communications, video, and the web
  • A fun, if sometimes wacky, overworked boss who will be very appreciative of your assistance
  • Oh, and occasional free food!

To Apply

Please complete the following materials and deliver as soon as possible to Merlyn Holmes, Regent 330. (Or mail to her at UCB 26, Boulder, CO 80309-0026.)

  1. University of Colorado at Boulder Student Job Application
  2. A resume and letter including the average number of hours per week you would like to work, whether or not you are eligible for work-study, whether or not you would like to work over the summers, your expected date of graduation, and a description of how your interests, skills, and talents match the key duties outlined above.

Pay Rate:  $12.00 - $15.00 per hour
Average Hours / Week: 0 - 20
Employer: Graduate School
Work Location: Regent Hall, Room 330 (third floor)
Address: UCB 26, Boulder, CO 80309-0026
Contact Person: Merlyn  Holmes
Contact Phone: (303) 492 - 1825
Fax Number: (303) 492 - 5777
Additional Compensation: Pay raises possible with performance reviews. Flexible schedule.
Background Check: Yes

Start Date: January

Duration: Please apply only if you think you will be able to serve in this capaciy for 18 months or longer, as an enrolled graduate student.