Doctoral Graduation Information

This information is supplied by the Graduate School at the University of Colorado at Boulder. The links below provide the necessary forms and information to complete the requirements for graduation. Please read the deadline sheet and checklist carefully to ensure fulfillment of requirements. If at any time you have any questions or problems, please contact the Graduate School at (303) 492-8220,, or Regent Administrative Center, room 1B53.

1. Deadline Sheet (2015-2016, 2016-2017) This sheet includes all the deadlines for the indicated academic year. Paperwork must be submitted to the Graduate School by the deadlines for the indicated graduation. These deadlines apply regardless of attendance at the commencement ceremony. (Note: if you do not meet the graduation deadline for your final exam, but can complete the exam before the first day of class for the upcoming semester, you will not be required to register for another semester, but your paperwork will be processed for the next scheduled commencement date. Plan ahead carefully, as this means the exam must be done on or before the Friday before classes begin.) International students in F-1 or J-1 status must consult with International Student and Scholar Services (located in the Center for the Community, room S355) in these cases.  F-1 and J-1 regulations require enrollment in order to maintain valid F-1 or J-1 status.  You must be advised by an ISSS advisor if you will not have future enrollment.

2. Graduate School Checklist Please note the items marked with a (>). These are essential to fulfill graduation requirements.

3. Candidacy Application  This form was required to have been filled out 2 weeks before you passed the comprehensive exam. If your candidacy application has been approved, it does not need to be filled out again unless there has been a change to the course plan being used toward your degree.

4. Online graduation application Students must apply online to graduate. To do this, logon to On the Student tab, select the Apply for Graduation link under Academic Resources. This notifies the Graduate School and your department that you intend to graduate, and it provides necessary information to the Commencement Office for ordering and shipping diplomas. If you do not complete requirements for the graduation you indicate on the online application, you must apply online to graduate for the new graduation date. You must apply to graduate online whether or not you plan to attend the ceremony.

5. Title of PhD Dissertation  This can be a copy of your title page, provided on the leaflet (#7 below), or simply emailed to the Graduate School. Along with your dissertation title, it should include your name and department. This title will appear in the commencement program and your transcript.

6. Examination Report form (.pdf) (.doc)  All students completing a doctoral degree must hold a final defense of their dissertation or a final exam for DMA and AuD students. The form should be given to the Graduate School at least two weeks before the defense. After the committee members have been approved, it will be returned to your department so it's available for your exam. After the defense, the form, with original signatures, will be returned to the Graduate School to verify that you passed the exam.

7. Leaflet (.pdf) (.doc)  Notice of the doctoral defense/final exam must be posted for public access at the Graduate School. A second copy of the leaflet should be given to your department.

8. Dissertation/Thesis Final Grade Card  All students completing a doctoral degree will be assigned a grade for dissertation hours. As this card contains a final grade, students should not submit it. Only your department can submit this form. This card is not available online, departments receive blank forms from the Graduate School.

9. Thesis Specificationsand Submission Information  The specifications document includes all the necessary information formatting the PhD dissertation. The Graduate School strongly encourages you to email your document for a pre-check of the format, before submitting your dissertation electronically. Please email a pdf of your document to The dissertation must be submitted electronically, by the deadline, to the ProQuest website: Also, a signature page with two original signatures must be submitted by the deadline. For more information on submission, please review the specifications.

10. Survey of Earned Doctorates  The Survey collects information from all research doctorate graduates, and this compiled data is extremely important information used by policymakers and used in evaluating the nation's work force. This form can be filled out online at The Graduate School can provide a paper copy for you to fill out, if necessary. Please contact us at 303-492-7401.

NOTE: Items 3, 5 & 6 should either be given to your department's graduate program assistant to send to the Graduate School, or a copy should be given to that individual for your departmental records.