GSAC Mission, Goals, and Purpose

According to the two documents:  Vision, Mission and Goals document and the GSAC Constitution

The mission of GSAC is to assist the leadership of the Graduate School in the following ways:

  • Development:  To secure resources for faculty and students;
  • Advice:  To provide insights and experience so as to enhance the academic environment for faculty and students and improve their understanding of and access to the global world of business and the professions;
  • Advocacy:  To advocate for the value and importance of graduate education and research in the university community and in the State of Colorado.


  • To strengthen  graduate education on the Boulder campus by identifying needs, challenges and opportunities and by providing advocacy and support for those needs, challenges, and opportunities;
  • To improve funding for CU Boulder graduate education and graduate programs through public and private resources;
  • To ensure, through open communication and regular self-assessment, GSAC’s continuing contribution to graduate education at the University of Colorado, Boulder.

From the Constitution:


  • To act as an advisory body to the Dean of the Graduate School and to the Vice Chancellor for Research;
  • To develop relationships between graduate education and business, industry, and governmental groups;
  • To advocate for higher education in all appropriate community, state, and national forums;
  • To encourage resource development through advocacy for state funding, internal budgeting, and private gifts to benefit graduate education;
  • To engage in regular self-assessment to ensure continued success in helping achieve Graduate School goals;
  • To help ensure that graduate education at the University seeks inclusion for all talented students and provides access to all such students;
  • To support new strategic initiatives from the University as they apply to graduate education.

Revised May 17, 2011