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The main CU-Boulder Graduate School office is located in the Regent Administrative Center, Room 330, on the 3rd floor on the east side of the building.

Current students with paperwork to hand in? The Graduate Student Services office, where graduate students should hand in their paperwork or seek other advising services, is located in the basement of Regent in room 1b53.
Phone: 303-492-8220  Email:

Admissions Questions? CU-Boulder employs a de-centralized admissions process, so the departments make their own admissions decisions; therefore, please contact the department to which you are applying directly with any questions. The Graduate School will not be able to assist with questions regarding status checks and admissions decisions.

Mailing address for all Graduate School offices:
For U.S. postal delivery:
The Graduate School
University of Colorado Boulder
26 UCB
Boulder, Colorado 80309-0026

For FedEx or hand-deliveries:
The Graduate School
University of Colorado Boulder
Regent Administrative Center, Room ____ (complete for desired individual from listings below)
2055 Regent Drive
Boulder, Colorado 80309-0026

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Graduate School

Campus Box: 26 UCB
Physical location: Regent 330 & 1B53
2055 Regent Drive
Boulder CO 80309-0026
General Information: 303-492-7401
Graduate Student Services Information: 303-492-8220
Fax - General: 303-492-5777
Fax - Graduate Student Services: 303-492-7121

Ann Schmiesing
Interim Dean of the Graduate School
Vice Provost for Graduate Affairs
Regent 324, 303-492-2890

Ginny Borst
Director of Graduate Student Services
Regent 1B53C, 303-735-3534

Merlyn Holmes
Communications Coordinator
Regent 334, 303-492-1825

Carrie E. Howard
Budget and Financial Officer
Regent 320, 303-492-8269

Patty Krus
Assistant to the Assistant Dean
Regent 340, 303-492-5297

Gretchen O’Connell
Assistant Dean
Regent 341, 303-492-6143

Alaina Nickerson
Graduate Student Career Counselor
C4C N352, 303-492-9896

Carrie Simon
Graduate Student Advisor
Regent 1B53B, 303-492-2268

Entities that Report to the Graduate School

Alliance for Technology, Learning, & Society (ATLAS)
Center for Humanities & the Arts
Center for Limb Atmospheric Sounding (CLAS)
Center for the Integrative Study of Work (CISW)
Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences (CIRES)
Environmental Program
Graduate Committee on the Arts & Humanities (GCAH)
Graduate Teacher Program & Collaborative Preparing Future Faculty Network (COPFFN)
Institute for Behavioral Genetics (IBG)
Institute of Arctic & Alpine Research (INSTAAR)
Institute of Behavioral Science (IBS)
Institute of Cognitive Science (ICS)
Laboratory for Atmospheric & Space Physics (LASP)
Renewable & Sustainable Energy Institute (RASEI)
University of Colorado Museum of Natural History